Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa is in the middle of an intense feud with Damon Snacks Harrison. The hammer has been dropped (Corey Sipkin; Getty Images)

If you haven’t heard, Mike Francesa has a budding feud with Damon Snack Harrison. The story starts like this. The Giants have been in the news because of the Odell Beckham trade. Francesa is thrilled that Beckham is gone. He then branched out and called Snacks Harrison a locker room lawyer. Snacks responded by calling him senile. Now Francesa really dropped the hammer.

“I’ve taken heat from a lot bigger players than @Snacks, so I’m not too worried about it. When he has a career as good as mine he can talk. I’m already in the Hall of Fame. Let’s see which Hall of Fame he gets into.” – @MikeFrancesa

Hammer dropped. Case closed. I’m normally so anti media. I never side with the media. BUT… in this instance, Francesa wins the debate. It’s his job to critique players. Francesa is also in the hall of fame. Snacks isn’t getting in. It’s the perfect comeback.

Snacks responded to this with a really weak response:

“I know I’ll never get into the NFL hall of fame. What I will leave this game with is a legacy, though a small one, and actually impacting a franchise. I’ve given a lot to the game of football. All you’ve given is your opinion. Congrats on the HOF though that’s major!”

He even talks about the paid event. Snacks called him out for paying to get his kids Snack’s autograph. If it was at a paid event with a bunch of kids, that seems like a pretty good deed to me.

His response should have been something like Barry Bonds isn’t in the hall of fame. Who cares? The Hall of Fame means nothing to me. I’m in the middle of a $46 million contract. I don’t lose any sleep over you. Now that’s a winner. Either don’t respond (probably the best move) or bring more heat, Snacks.