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Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance” Episodes 9 And 10 Review

Michael Jordan Documentary
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Like all good things, the Michael Jordan documentary is finally coming to a close with the last two episodes of the 10-part documentary. It has been incredibly informational and just really well done. I can’t wait to wait a couple of months and just binge it all again. If you need reviews on the first 8 episodes, I will provide that for you. Episodes 1 & 2 here, episodes 3 & 4 here, episodes 5 & 6 here, and episodes 7 & 8 here.

Episode 9 starts off with a bang with a scuffle between Reggie Miller in the 1998 playoffs. Reggie Miller goes into the fact that he wasn’t really scared of Michael Jordan, but he was to be feared. He also talks about one of the first times he played Michael Jordan. He was trash-talking him after he outplayed Jordan in the first half. Jordan responds by going on a clinic in the 2nd half. Reggie Miller recalls Michael Jordan telling him after that game “Be sure, and be careful, you never talk to Black Jesus like that.”

The Pacers had a SQUAD. They were big, physical, and had plenty of talent. They had NBA Legend Larry Bird was coaching the Pacers that year in his first coaching year. They definitely had a chance to win an NBA title. Suddenly, the Pacers are down 2 games to the Bulls. Then Reggie Miller went off in game 3, he had a helluva game and won game 3. Game 4 was the most memorable game of the series. The Bulls are up 1 point with 6.4 seconds. The Bulls steal the ball and Pippen gets fouled and missed both Free Throws. The Pacers got the ball back and Reggie Miller made a shot to seal game 4. The series is now tied 2-2. They break off to the 1997 season.

They cut to the Jazz beating the Rockets to go to the Finals. They also announced that Karl Malone won MVP, and you know that is all that MJ needs to be motivated. Jordan thought it was his MVP. In game 1 of the 1997 Finals, the game is tied with 7.5 seconds left. Where Michael Jordan makes the game-winner over Bryon Russell. Bryon Russell was on MJ’s list as soon as he said that he thought he could guard Jordan. Bulls win game 2, and Jazz wins game 3 and 4. They get to the “Flu game” but that was incorrectly named. It just fits better than the food poisoning game. He looked terrible and gassed the whole game. Not only did he have food poisoning but he also played 44 minutes and had 38 points. The Bulls only won game 5 because of Jordan. They go a little bit into Steve Kerr’s life about how his dad died and his role on the Bulls. They did that because he made a clutch shot to seal the win in game 6.

They head back to the tied series between the Pacers and the Bulls in the 1998 playoffs. The series is tied 3-3 and they’re talking about game 7. The Pacers did their best until they lost one jump ball and a 3 to tie the game, the Pacers lost all momentum and eventually lose game 7 to the Bulls.

Last Episode of Michael Jordan Documentary

They talk about the 1998 finals series between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls, the last dance of “The Last Dance.” The mention the loudness of the Jazz games and especially that game 1. Game 1 goes to Overtime after tied at 79. The Jazz win game 1 by 3 points in overtime. In natural fashion, Jordan comes back to help win game 2 in the Finals. In game 3, the game was not close. The Bulls win the game by 42 points, yes 42. The practice after game 3, Dennis Rodman isn’t there, he was in Michigan, doing a wrestling thing. What the hell. It doesn’t matter though, Scottie Pippen has a helluva game and the Bulls win game 4 to go up 3-1 in the NBA finals.

The Jazz isn’t done though, they win game 5 to put the series at 3-2. In game 6, Pippen goes for a dunk and jams his back. He is in the locker room halfway through the first quarter. The Bulls were up by 9 and then the Jazz came back and tied it before the first quarter ended. Scottie Pippen comes back simply as a decoy and is used as such. They go to the 4th quarter when Michael Jordan makes a shot, then steals the ball from Karl Malone, and the makes the game-winner. They said that Jordan pushed off, but it really doesn’t look like a push off and others attest to that.

They show the celebration and the constant media questions about the Future of the Bulls and Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was disappointed that they didn’t try for 7. It was maddening to him. Phil Jackson was okay to leave there. It was a good place to stop. We, at Vendetta, actually discussed if the Bulls could have won #7 in 1999. Read that for our opinions on that. All in all, this documentary was extremely well done. They cover many of Jordan’s lows as well as his highs. They didn’t shy away from anything and it was tremendous. I can’t wait to watch and binge the Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance” again and many times after that.


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