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Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance” Review: Episodes 3 and 4

Michael Jordan Documentary
Andy Lyons /Allsport

We’re back with another review of the Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance!” Please check out the first two episodes review.

We’re starting off hot, Dennis Rodman has said within the first 2 minutes, that without him, the Bulls don’t win that championship. Dennis Rodman never gets talked about as part of that big 3 to win that championship, but in fact, he does a lot of the dirty work. The way he talks about positioning of rebounding, it’s fucking art. His fucking defense is impeccable, he locked up Magic Johnson like he was some scrub. Sidenote, it never occurred to me that Dennis Rodman played for the Bad Boys Pistons, but it makes so much sense too.

Dennis Rodman was the missing piece that the Bulls needed to win a title. I mean hell, he was a defensive juggernaut and could rebound as his life depended on it. That was his only role on the team, play defense and rebound. He had 7(!!!) games where he had 20 rebounds and 0 points. Jesus Christ, you can’t do better than that in that aspect of basketball.

God, the Detroit Pistons killed players, they were fighting everyone. The Pistons were mean man, they would try to actually hurt players. Here comes the infamous “The Jordan Rules.” Make sure he doesn’t jump, trap him, if he gets into the paint, knock him down. They were DELIBERATELY trying to hurt Jordan. That’s wild, I couldn’t see that happening in today’s NBA.

One of the funniest things said on this documentary: “They had Craig Ehlo on me, that was a mistake.” I died. Even Ron Harper, Ehlo’s teammate, was saying. Wait! Here’s another amazing quote by Doug Collins, the Bulls Head Coach at the time: “Uh, that play was called, give Michael the ball and get the fuck out the way.”

Michael Jordan Documentary Episode 4

Dennis Rodman is a fucking wildcard. But Rodman is right, Scottie and Jordan accepted him because he wanted to win on the court. Wait, wait, wait, Phil Jackson did acid?! He does look like a hippie in his old pictures though, that’s fair. This episode looks like it is geared more towards Phil Jackson.

I do like how this documentary isn’t all happy feel good, they talk about the failures that Michael Jordan and the Bulls had. They talk about the adversity they faced and how they overcome that. God, that has me ready to run through a fucking wall. This can be inspiring, because the Bulls didn’t roll over and die, they fought back. What’s striking me as unique is that the same thing said about Jordan is often said about Lebron. “He’s a fantastic player but he’s not a winner like Bird or Magic.” Does that sound familiar?

God, this Bulls team was tired of the Pistons. After they pushed Scottie Pippen like that and he didn’t do anything, you just knew that the Bulls were gonna kick their ass. Those Pistons are kind of bitch-made though. The Bulls got their ass kicked and shook hands. Pistons left cause they are sore losers. You can really feel the hatred between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas. Nonetheless, the Pistons have been defeated and now it was the Chicago Bulls time to shine. They would go on to win the Championship in 1991 beating the Lakers 4-1. The Bulls’ first championship.

I can’t wait for the next two episodes next week.


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