Luis Severino
Luis Severino is taking shots at Jacob deGrom? But why? (Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Sports)

Spring training is just getting started and the media is constantly searching for headlines. If I had a dollar for the number of times a reporter asked a player about Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, I would be filthy rich. This time, a player actually started up a little feud on his own.

Yankees starter, Luis Severino is taking shots at Cy Young winner, Jacob deGrom. Severino just inked a team-friendly extension with New York so he felt the need to speak up:

“In case you missed it (via, deGrom made headlines last Thursday telling reporters at Mets’ spring training headquarters in Port St. Lucie, Fla., that he might limit his innings this season if he doesn’t get a multi-year contract extension before Opening Day.”

“Severino’s response?”

“For me, I would never do something like that,” Severino told NJ Advance Media. “I want to pitch. I love to pitch. I love this game. I’d never do that.”

“Exactly,” Severino shot back. “He’s making money. He’s making $17 million!”

Woah there. Taking shots at Jacob deGrom? I get why Severino did it. He’s on his high horse. He took a team friendly extension to make it seem like he cut the Yankees a break and just wants to win. There is just no need for this. The easy answer for this every single time “I play for the Yankees, I hope everything works out for Jacob. He’s a great player”. That’s it. No need to say another word.

Didn’t Severino learn from this after last postseason? After the Aaron Judge boombox fiasco, maybe it’s best to just shut up and go play until after you win. Also, why go talk shit on Jacob deGrom? He’s coming off a season where he threw a 1.70 ERA? Severino finished the season on a clunker. How about talk smack on a guy you’re better than? Not a guy who smokes you in terms of being a better starter!

I have a hard time believing that the Mets will come to an extension with deGrom. You can read why, here! As for the innings limit, I have no issue with it if the Mets fall behind in the race. If the Mets are in it, I’m sure deGrom will pitch his heart out come postseason time.