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Grizzlies Mount Rushmore
David Zlotnik

Memphis Grizzlies Mount Rushmore: Young & Hungry

Grizzlies Mount Rushmore

Memphis Grizzlies Mount Rushmore: Young & Hungry

In the middle of a phenomenal breakout 2021-2022 season, the Grizzlies are on the mind of many NBA fans. Today, we go back in time and look at who came before Ja Morant and the rest of the crew to represent the franchise in the Grizzlies Mount Rushmore. Fortunately for many younger fans, due to how young the franchise is, these representatives were all fairly recently with the team.

Mike Conley

The only player on this list who is currently on an NBA roster, Conley left the team during the 2019 offseason after spending his first 12 seasons with the team. Conley was never considered a superstar during his time with the Grizzlies, but he was consistently a very good scorer and facilitator, and very rarely missed games. Among Grizzlies players all-time, he ranked first in points, assists, and steals, making him the ultimate point guard to represent Memphis. There is a point guard who I mentioned earlier who can catch up to his status though, and we all know who that is.

Marc Gasol

Next up is the man who’s Grizzlies career almost exactly lined up with Conley’s, and most recently played just last year with the Lakers. Gasol was a 3x All-Star, a 2x All-NBA Selection, and the 2012-2013 Defensive Player of the Year. He’s the definition of a tough, 2-way center who helped bring the grit and grind mentality to Memphis. Among Grizzlies all-time, he ranks first in rebounds and blocks, second in points and assists, and third in steals. There was nothing he couldn’t do, and he is just as deserving as anybody else for a spot on this list.

Pau Gasol

Marc’s brother is next up on the list, and although he is more known for his time on the Lakers, Pau had arguably his best seasons while on the Grizzlies. Despite playing just 6 1/2 seasons with the franchise, Pau ranks fourth all-time in Grizzlies points and third in rebounds. He was named Rookie of the Year for his 2001-2022 campaign and represented the Grizzlies in the All-Star game during the 2005-2006 season. Leaving the season before his brother Marc took over at center, Pau helped lead the team to three playoff appearances and paved the way for success down the road.

Zach Randolph

Last but not least is the man who brought unmeasurable amounts of toughness to Memphis, helping them to their success despite being a smaller-market team. During his 8 years with the club, Randolph averaged 16.8 points and 10.2 rebounds, with an impact larger than that. He also had two All-Star appearances and was named to All-NBA in 2010-2011. Today, he ranks third all-time in points by a Grizzlies player and second in rebounds. He’ll always be remembered for his toughness, attitude, and leadership in every game he’d play.


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