Trey Wingo
It seems like only a matter of time before ESPN fires Trey Wingo. There is no role for him at ESPN and reports indicate his eventual departure is coming. (ESPN Images / Allen Kee)

Trey Wingo is basically what James Jones used to be on those many LeBron teams with the Heat and Cavs. Wingo has a job but he doesn’t have any sort of role at ESPN. Wingo got axed from his morning radio show when ESPN canceled Golic and Wingo. He also got replaced as a host for NFL Live. So what does the future hold for Trey Wingo?

It feels like only a matter of time before ESPN fires Wingo. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post recently talked about how Wingo will likely be let go by ESPN because they can’t find a role for him.

“Yes, Wingo’s future at ESPN is expected to be either in a reduced role or no role. Hard to see any other outcomes at this point, as ESPN Radio has replaced him and Mike Golic Sr. with Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Menenti on mornings and all the prime NFL hosting gigs are occupied.

Wingo originally asked off mornings, which seems as if it was a very poor way to begin negotiating on an expiring contract. He’s been at ESPN nearly 25 years, but the current state of its business makes it so you have to earn your pay. No free rides.

If Wingo were no longer at ESPN, the network has plenty of candidates to replace him. Sam Ponder and Suzy Kolber currently lead “NFL Countdown,” and Laura Rutledge is rising in the company. All three would be considered.”

A: How funny is the line where “Wingo asked off mornings” hahahahah. Buddy, who do you think you are? Daddy got you your job and you have been nothing more than a shitty host that can’t properly pronounce names. You don’t get to be the guy who requests when you work.

B: Name one time Trey Wingo made a really good point that made you think or even one memorable moment. I’ll wait.

It’s only a matter of until Wingo gets fired. There’s literally no place for him to go. He already stinks at hosting the NFL Draft and ESPN won’t pay him to do one event per year.