Matt Ryan Hayden Hurst
Matt Ryan essentially said Hayden Hurst is one of the best tight ends he’s ever played with. There’s just one problem. They’ve never played together yet. (Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

The Hayden Hurst trade is going to be such a disaster for the Falcons. You can already smell the shit coming from here. This next story is so bad I almost fell out of my chair laughing literally. Matt Ryan is doing his best to hype up his teammates. So much so, he’s just flat out lying.

Matt Ryan said Hayden Hurst is basically one of the best tight ends he’s ever played with. There’s just one problem. Ryan has never thrown or completed a pass to Hurst because they haven’t actually played together:

“He is for sure one of the fastest and most athletic tight end I’ve ever played with,” Ryan said. “He’s a mismatch problem, he’s going to create separation and win in different ways than those guys did.”

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with Hayden’s work ethic,” Ryan said. “He’s got great speed, great athleticism. Wants to be a great player . . . the effort, the attitude all of that stuff is there. He fits in well with the group of guys we have.”

Side Note: I’m just so over Matt Ryan. He’s a solid quarterback but just so boring. He will go down as Julio Jones’ quarterback. Nothing less, nothing more. Nobody believes this Hayden Hurst story. Just shut up and go 6-10 again or whatever.

I had to reread this story five times just trying to comprehend that this is what he actually said. Breaking news! I am the best car mechanic in the country. In other news, I’ve never once tried to fix a car. Who are you trying to fool Matt Ryan? Just shut up and win your 7 games while nobody cares about your team watching them rot because it’s never been the same since Kyle Shanahan left.