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Matt Ryan
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Matt Ryan Has Almost Zero Fantasy Value With The Colts

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan has virtually no fantasy value with the Colts. Out of all of the starting quarterbacks, Ryan should be deemed as undraftable.(Matt Kirkland/Getty Images)

Matt Ryan Has Almost Zero Fantasy Value With The Colts

Philip Rivers 2.0? As hilarious as that sounds, isn’t that exactly what the Colts are hoping for with this Matt Ryan trade? While some think Ryan and the Colts are destined for success this year, fantasy success is an entirely different animal. The new Colts quarterback has almost no value when it comes to fantasy this year.

During Rivers’ swan song year with the Colts (where he had nothing left), the former Chargers legend put together a 24-11 TD to INT ratio. Keep in mind, that also comes with zero rushing threat – the same as Ryan will bring to the table. 36-year-old Ryan probably has more in the tank than old man Rivers did but he didn’t play well last year.

Ryan was QB20 a season ago in fantasy. He averaged 0.12 more points per game last year than Geno Smith did (and we know he can’t play a lick). Ryan is another year older going to a team that plays competent defense, wants to run the ball first, and has no weapons… Yeah, this is going to be a disaster.

Indy is going to want to play good defense and run the ball. It’s something they can talk themselves into after winning 11 games with Rivers two years ago. Rivers threw the ball 369 times his last year with the Colts. That mark would represent a career low for Ryan. Even Ryan’s rookie year, he threw the ball 434 times which represents his current career low.

The weapons stink in Indianapolis. It’s one of the worst groups in the league. Jack Doyle retired and that’s somehow a big deal because they have nobody. TY Hilton is a literal dinosaur. Michael Pittman is fine but how good can he really be if he’s a 6-foot-4 guy getting mossed by Antoine Winfield? I’m on the side of Pittman is mediocre at best.

Don’t draft Matt Ryan in fantasy. Even if you’re in a two quarterback league, you can do much better. Out of all of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL, I have a hard time finding one that has less value than Ryan in terms of fantasy. That’s how undraftable he will be.


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