Philip Rivers
Philip Rivers is officially washed. There’s nothing more to see. Rivers needs to be benched by the Colts. Indy has a better chance with Jacoby Brissett. (Jenna Watson/IndyStar)

If the Colts want to win anything in 2020, then they should consider benching Philip Rivers. The truth of the matter is, Rivers is officially washed. Through five weeks, it’s apparent that Rivers cannot play at a high level anymore. I’m not sure there’s a worse starting quarterback in the league right now.

Fantasy points aren’t everything. In this case, I think it tells the story. Rivers is averaging 12.04 fantasy points per game through five weeks. The only quarterback behind him with at least four starts is Daniel Jones.

Rivers has every opportunity in the world to succeed. The Colts have provided him a very stable offensive line in defense. The weapons and running backs are more than adequate too. Rivers has a 4:5 TD to INT ratio and hasn’t crossed the 250-yard mark since Week 1.

It would be one thing if Rivers had bad numbers but was truly doing all he could to keep his team in games. Rivers isn’t carrying the Colts. Indianapolis is carrying him. On the season, Indianapolis is throwing the ball just over 52% of the time, which ranks 26th in the NFL. That number has been decreasing over the last few weeks too.

Trust your eyes. Again, it would be one thing if Rivers was making splash throws but had his fair share of mistakes. His arm is done. Watch the games. There’s no juice on his balls. All of his throws have become lollipops.

The AFC South is very winnable. The way Rivers looks, you’re not winning that division with him. Jacoby Brissett is no world-beater, but he has more of an arm than Rivers at this point. Brissett isn’t very accurate, but he at least will take care of the football. Brissett has 13 career interceptions in 42 starts.

At what point do the Colts pull the plug on Philip Rivers? I’m not sure what more we need to see. Rivers was a hell of a quarterback, but father time has now won this battle.