Matt Moore
Matt Moore sucks. The better question is why do the Phillies keep pitching him? Moore pitched in Japan a year ago and the experiment has failed miserably. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Matt Moore Sucks, Why Do The Phillies Keep Pitching Him?

Matt Moore sucks. There is no other way to describe him. In 2020, Moore pitched in Japan… and he probably should have stayed there. The Phillies hitched their wagons to Moore (for some unknown reason) and he has helped kill their slim playoff chances. The only question is, why the hell do the Phillies keep pitching him?

Moore, 32, has an ungodly 5.79 ERA in 14 games. Essentially, every time the guy takes the mound, he gets smoked. The 7.9 K per 9 rate is not great. The FIP number is just as bad at 5.69. That means the defense has actually done their part. This guy just sucks and has since 2014.

When Moore first came up with the Rays, he was a solid pitcher. He even made an All-Star Game in 2013. However, since 2014, we know who Matt Moore is. A dog shit pitcher that doesn’t belong in the big leagues. Where is the appeal here? Why are you even wasting a roster spot when you can try someone out in the minors and see what you have? Shit… pull Bartolo Colon out of retirement. I’d bet anything he puts together a better ERA at this point.

The truth of the matter is, the Phillies left hander doesn’t have an out pitch. The fastball sits at 92 MPH with horrible location. He also throws it 59% of the time so you pretty much know what’s coming.

The cutter virtually looks like a hanging fastball with no movement. Opponents are batting .300 off his cutter. That’s a real number. Hitters are putting up Hall of Fame numbers off his shitty cutter because it has nothing to it. Moore also features a change up and curveball but neither are out pitches.

The Phillies have once again found themselves in mediocrity. Continuing to pitch Matt Moore every 5th day is asking to lose. He is the perfect counter to the dominance that Zack Wheeler brings. If Philadelphia ever wants to turn the corner, how about start by hitting Moore with the DFA. When is enough, enough?