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Marty Mush
(VIA Reddit)

Is Marty Mush In Danger Of Walking The Plank At Barstool?

Marty Mush
Marty Mush is apparently the diamond of the dating season. Will Marty’s new love interest end up costing him his job at Barstool Sports? (VIA Reddit)

Is Marty Mush In Danger Of Walking The Plank At Barstool?

Love is in the air. It’s the season in the Barstool office and Ria remains the diamond of the dating szn. Nevermind… after four years of dating Hank, she’s already found a new worthy suitor. Marty Mush is the winner but did it cost him his future at Barstool? OR as properly stated by Caleb Pressley, is it time for Marty to walk the plank now?

A lot of the drama can be described in the most recent Rundown episode with Big Cat, KFC, and Tommy Smokes. If you don’t feel like watching the video, I’ll catch you up to the best of my ability:

Hand and Ria break up. Hank and Ria make a pack not to date anyone else in the Barstool office as a courtesy to the other person. Ria doesn’t care and falls for Marty quickly afterward. No cheating involved but it appears the two have kept it under wraps going back numerous months now. The two appear to have lied about when they started seeing each other.

Marty did not reveal the information. As Big Cat says, he handled it in the worst possible way. Instead, he continued to do gambling content with Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, and the others. Big Cat no longer wants to be associated with him. Portnoy called Marty’s move career suicide.


Marty used to date Kayce Smith’s sister who apparently is somehow an innocent bystander in all of this. More importantly, Deke Zucker came out of the dark woods to tweet this.

That’s right… There is now a threat that Deke Zucker is going to reveal burner accounts of Barstool employees that is expected to reveal content trying to get other employees at the company fired. #TeamHank was officially trending on Twitter so it would appear the Barstool Universe is officially on edge.

As for Marty and Ria, who knows. Maybe one or both will eventually leave the company because of this. I’m sure you have your opinion on the situation and that’s for you the reader to have. Time will tell what the future holds but it’s murky at best for Marty Mush. I think it’s pretty obvious he needs others to stand on at Barstool and without the support of the big fish, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him out the door sooner rather than later.



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