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Jared Carrabis
(NBC Sports Boston Screengrab)

Barstool Already Misses Jared Carrabis But Will They Admit It?

Jared Carrabis
Barstool already misses Jared Carrabis but will they admit it? Barstool made a huge mistake by not keeping Carrabis. (NBC Sports Boston Screengrab)

Barstool Already Misses Jared Carrabis But Will They Admit It?

I love baseball and you should too. There is just nothing else like it during the Summer. Jared Carrabis is arguably the face of the baseball sports media realm. He’s very good at what he does and it’s not a surprise Draft Kings did everything in their power to hire him. The real question is, does Barstool love baseball?

Whether they want to admit it or not, Barstool already misses Carrabis. Carrabis is hosting two shows on the Draft Kings platform (Baseball is Dead” here and “Jared Carrabis Podcast” here). Barstool is currently producing just Short Porch the Yankees show. The same guy Carrabis constantly dunked on at Barstool.

Carrabis obviously gets a ton of traction on Twitter. Barstool still has the starting nine account pumping out Tweets but is that really enough? Next to no baseball content is being done besides for the occasional blog during a random moment in a game. With the number of resources they have, it’s kind of a piss poor effort if they truly care about pumping out baseball content.

I just don’t get this one. Why spend the money to hang onto guys like Tommy Smokes, Big Ev, and Marty Mush when you don’t care about paying up to people that actually move the needle. We’re all waiting to see what Barstool does to try to cover baseball because right now there is no plan.

Do we have any guesses? Will they hire a former athlete? Can they somehow replace Carrabis? We’re all about to find out. So far, Barstool is 100 percent losing the battle.


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