Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch has sold an insane amount of merchandise with his return to the Seahawks. (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

Marshawn Lynch is back with the Seahawks and everyone is excited. It’s hard not to be. Beast Mode is an icon. Nobody might be happier than his pocket book. Lynch has sold an insane amount of merchandise with his comeback tour.

ESPN had the following:

“Sales of Lynch’s Beast Mode Apparel — which includes new gear commemorating his Seahawks comeback — have spiked since the running back re-signed with the team Monday night. According to Mitch Grossbach, the head of operations and finance for Lynch’s Beast Mode business, had generated around $150,000 in sales from when Lynch’s return became official to midday Friday.

Grossbach estimated that December sales will end up five to seven times greater than what the website averaged in the months leading up to Lynch’s return.

“Obviously, we knew a little ahead of time that there might be this possibility of Marshawn returning, so we have a team that began thinking about what can we put on sale, assuming he gets confirmed to play,” Grossbach told “And we designed a couple of styles.”

Marshawn Lynch sells all of his merch on his official website. –

If you go to the site, he has a new line called “Back In Action” He sells hoodies, long sleeves, and t-shirts. They say unfinished business on them gearing up for the Seahawks Super Bowl run. Hoodies sell for $70, long sleeves $45, and T-Shirts $40. Fans seem to be buying them like crazy so get yours before they sell out.

All I know is Lynch should send like 5 percent of his sales to Chris Carson. None of this is possible without Carson breaking his hip. Lynch owes it all to him. Now we will just find out if Lynch has anything left. If he plays his tail off this postseason, he will sell even more merch.