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(Photo Credit: Nintendo/PC Magazine)

‘Mario’ Creator Says To Go Outside

Photo Credit: Nintendo/PC Magazine
‘Mario’ Creator Says To Go Outside

In a nicer, more mature way of saying “touch grass,” Shigeru Miyamoto, the famed creator of Super Mario and all that comes with it, told reporters with NPR that gamers should be spending more time outside, especially if the weather is favorable.

“I always say, if it’s really nice outside, you should go play outside,” Miyamoto said.

Common Sense Recommendations

There have been countless health studies regarding longtime video game, TV or smartphone exposure, so Miyamoto isn’t here to beat that dead horse. Instead, he wants to try and explain to terminal gamers, as well as game developers, that they are missing out on the experiences of life by being cooped up all day working or gaming.

“And so I think it’s really important to get a lot of different life experiences for both the people who are creating the games as well as people who are playing the games so they can really be able to fully enjoy the whole experience,” Miyamoto said.

Going Outdoors The Nintendo Way

Nintendo, and not just Miyamoto, has subtly pushed a message of exercise and moderation in one way or another for years now, from athletic games like Wii Sports to Pokémon GO to working on brand new theme parks, including Super Nintendo World already in Universal Studios Hollywood and coming to their Orlando park later down the line.

It’s a strange path for a video game company to take but considering just how successful games like Wii Sports and Pokémon GO have been, maybe they’re onto something.

As for Miyamoto himself, he’s been stepping away from the video game aspects of Mario to focus on other project, namely the Super Mario Bros. Movie which is slated to release in April of this year. Now what happens after he returns to the game development studio after the movie releases we’ll just have to see. But either way, terminal gamers and game developers ought to take Miyamoto words to heart.

Go outside, there’s a whole world of experiences you could be missing.





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