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Marcus Smart
(Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Who Does Marcus Smart Think Is The Toughest Player In The NBA To Guard?

Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart said this player is the toughest player in the league to guard. Hint: It’s the unquestioned best player in the sport. (Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Marcus Smart Says This Is The Toughest Player To Guard In The NBA

Marcus Smart is my kind of guy. Smart is a gritty, tough defender and isn’t afraid to run his mouth either. Remember that time he called every player in the NBA soft? I do.

Smart is a perennial candidate for the NBA All-Defense team every year. Having said that, Smart recently made an appearance on the JJ Redick show with Tommy Alter. Ignoring the fact that it’s still an incredibly weird name for a show (“The Old Man & The Three”) the duo asked Smart who is the toughest player in the NBA to guard. Smart didn’t hesitate.

“The hardest person to guard, I’ll probably have to go with (Kevin Durant),” Smart said to Redick on the podcast. “I think he’s anybody’s hardest person to guard. Somebody at his size doing that, you got it.”

“You’ve got to pray,” Smart said.

Smart isn’t the only player to say, Kevin Durant. Every player that gets asked this question, 99 percent of the time they say Durant. Kobe Bryant had the exact same answer. My question is, when does everyone get with reality and just acknowledge that nobody is close to the Durant?

LeBron, Kobe, Kawhi, etc. Pick whoever you want. Nobody in this modern era is better than Durant. Once again, Smart had to let everyone know that. It’s a shame that we have to even ask.

Durant, 33, looked like the slam dunk MVP winner prior to going down with an injury. After the Ben Simmons – James Harden swap, the way Brooklyn finishes the season will be a defining legacy moment for Durant. What happens if he carries Simmons and weird Kyrie to the NBA Finals?


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