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Matthew Stafford Is Not A Hall Of Famer, Stop The Madness

Matthew Stafford
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Matthew Stafford Is Not A Hall Of Famer, Stop The Madness

Was last night a great story for Matthew Stafford? Yes. Is he a Hall of Famer? Absolutely not. If you think he is you need to seriously reevaluate how you determine who belongs in the Hall of Fame. Stafford belongs in the Hall of Very Good, nothing more.

Really, what has Stafford truly done throughout his career to indicate he deserves to get a gold jacket? Sorry, a ton of accumulative stats from a pass-happy era is nowhere near good enough. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl in his first season with a team, are we putting him in? How about Nick Foles? His postseason run was far more impressive than Matthew Stafford’s, are we putting him in? Are we sure Stafford has had a better career than Matt Ryan? Where’s his Hall of Fame talk? Come on and be reasonable, this Super Bowl adds to Stafford’s career but doesn’t put him among the greatest players in NFL history.

Not once was Stafford a top-five quarterback of his era, only now he has a chance, and even then he is nowhere near a lock. If he’s consistently a top-five quarterback for the rest of his career then we can talk. But if he hangs up the cleats right now he isn’t getting in, because he shouldn’t.

I don’t want to hear the ”Detroit was a terrible franchise” chants. Deshaun Watson elevated the Texans, Joe Burrow elevated the Bengals, truly elite guys will find ways to elevate their team beyond what Stafford did with the Lions.

Matthew Stafford has one Pro Bowl, no first or second-team All-Pros. No MVP, no Offensive Player of The Year awards. His Comeback Player of the Year award is the only notable accolade throughout his career. He’s not this uber elite quarterback. He’s a quarterback that’s volatile. He’ll win you games and he will most certainly lose you games. He’s not an all-time great, and those are the only people who should be in the Hall of Fame.


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