Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart called the rest of the NBA soft. Does he have a point? (Mary Schwalm/AP Photo)

Everybody loves Marcus Smart. Even non-Celtic fans have to respect a guy like Smart. 100 percent effort on every play, a guy who plays real defense, and someone who will fight you in an instant. We don’t have enough of those guys in the NBA. Actually, we might have like 5. It’s a huge problem.

Marcus Smart recently came out to the media with the perfect quote. He essentially called the entire league soft. He’s not wrong. Smart told Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report he wishes there was more physicality in the NBA.

“Back in the ’60s, ’70s, my mindset and the way I play would be perfect. They play like that every game,” Smart says…

“That’s just what it is! Exactly!” he says, a smile breaking through. “I think we kind of lost that in today’s game. Everything’s become real cute. Everybody’s scared to go to the rim. Everybody’s scared to get hit. Everybody’s scared to touch.

“I thrive on the contact. Contact is in my nature.”

Smart really is the glue guy for the C’s and it’s because of this exact reason. He will take a charge. He will rough you up. He will guard players that are way bigger then him and succeed doing so. He also has an incredible IQ and really makes winning plays all the time. Boston is just better when he’s on the floor. The NBA needs more guys like Smart. What ever happened to the goons in the NBA? We need more of those guys. More guys that will actually drive to the rim instead of pretending that everyone can shoot.

Smart is having a career year shooting the ball. He’s converting .402 percent on field goals and .359 on 3-pointers. All of those are career highs. The recent contract extension so far has been worth every penny.