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‘Madden 24’ a ‘make or break’ title for EA

‘Madden 24’ a ‘make or break’ title for EA

The Madden NFL Football franchise’s long streak of titles may just be finally hitting its dead end. If reports are to be believed, Madden 24 may just “make or break” the series if it isn’t a smash hit, according to a report from Insider Gaming.

Screwed over customers

Part of the talk regarding Madden 24 being a “make or break” release stems from the controversies surrounding the series’ current title. An update for Madden 23 caused players to lose their “connected franchise” saves. Months, years, even decades, of work and time and effort flushed down the toilet.

Clearly, players are angry and EA’s usual efforts to appease their angry players may just not work this time. So, the company is having to put in extra effort into Madden 24 to ensure the franchise’s possible future.

New features in a new title

As a result of the controversies around Madden 23. EA is now hard-pressed to push out new features and to improve on old ones for Madden 24. However, what’s specifically known about the game is being kept locked up after last year’s Madden 23 leaks. But either way, if EA wants to impress customers and fans this year, they’ll have to hit a bullseye.

Still, we do have some information about the game, specifically on Madden 24‘s franchise mode, with the mode being “almost there with smaller additions,” according to developers.

Madden’s True Future

It’s impressive to see that the Madden franchise has survived this long. Heck, seeing most of the sports video game franchises surviving this long. There is clearly a market for these games, but developers need to innovate in order for players to stick around. Madden clearly has a lot going for it still, but EA needs to shape up if they don’t want Madden to break down on them once and for all.

Make or break indeed.





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