Madden 22 Franchise
Holy crap EA Sports listened. They listened to our cries, and Madden 22 franchise will finally see some major improvements. (EA)

Madden 22 Franchise Will Have Some Major Changes

Holy crap EA Sports listened. EA Sports listened to the fans, they listened to our cries, and Madden 22 franchise will have major improvements. Scouting overhaul, franchise staff, talent trees, weekly strategy, season engine and more will be coming to Madden 22. I can finally say I’m excited for the new Madden.

Scouting Overhaul

While this won’t be available at launch, players will be able to set up their scouting team and scout different regions to look for players. Think like how scouting in NHL works. You’ll be able to have national and region scouts, and players will move up and down the draft board throughout the year. There will also be a mock draft that you can look at throughout the year.

Franchise Staff

Offensive and defensive coordinators are back! This also ties into the scouting overhaul because you need to set up your scouting department!

Talent Trees

Here’s where the fun really begins. You will be able to earn staff points from completing challenges in your franchise, and you can spend those points on various improvements and staff upgrades to help your team and so you can play the way you want.

Weekly Strategy

You will have to start paying attention to how hard you practice. Player fatigue will be something major throughout the season. You can control your practice intensity to balance fatigue and preparation.

I have been extremely critical of EA Sports and Madden. Madden 21 franchise was terrible at launch, and for the most part, EA Sports lied to franchise fans. However, this year really seems different. While it is still to be determined

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