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Love Is Blind

(Patrick Wymore/Netflix)

Love Is Blind Season 3 Takeaways

Love Is Blind
Love is Blind season three is here and I have takeaways that we just need to talk about. Come get your reactions to season three. (Patrick Wymore/Netflix)

Love Is Blind Season 3 Takeaways

Season three of Love is Blind is officially out on Netflix. The entire season is out including the reunion episode which is supposed to take place a year after the weddings. This season the contestants reign from Dallas Texas and it just might be my favorite season yet. If you don’t want spoilers, exit the post now and come back later when you finish the season. For those ready for the most accurate takeaways on Love is Blind, it’s time to spill the proverbial tea.

Alexa & Brennon

Let’s start positive, shall we? This show was created for people like this. Two balls of weird energy that somehow work but probably would have never met in real life. Brennon’s stock goes way up as the show progresses. You can see how much happier he is from start to finish. They work together. It’s not hard to see. Even if she takes up 99.9 percent of the closet space.

Colleen & Matt

I wasn’t totally surprised that Colleen and Matt took it the distance. However, had the opposite result happened, it wouldn’t have been shocking.

I fail to find Colleen interesting and she sure as hell isn’t a 10 like Cole thinks she is. She literally called herself shallow in the pods. Riddle me this, name three things Colleen stands for outside of being a low class ballerina dancer? Other than that, the only thing she did was try to bob and weave the blowouts from Matt. That’s all I have.

In terms of Matt, he’s clearly got some issues. There was no reason to blow up when Colleen told him about the pool incident. IF that’s the stance Matt was going to take, he shouldn’t have gone tail between his legs when he did eventually have the convo with Cole.

Then he somehow did it again when he complained that she went out to the club with the other girls from the pods. Truthfully, I found it to be outrageous. Sorry, your girl needs some socialization after talking to a wall for two weeks.

Deep down he might be an alright guy but he’s got problems and the tattoos on his arms are so terrible. I’ll fully admit I’m not a tattoo guy but his are next-level terrible. Who gets ‘EST’ on the back of your arm?


I’m not sure the direction I want to go with this one because SK and Raven are technically together now. I was surprised he was the one to say no but it was hard to blame him. I mean… for a long time it appeared Raven was literally looking for a sugar daddy but I think overtime she actually did fall for SK.

Seems like a smart guy. Has his stuff together. Respect wanting to continue his education. Also, not hard to see why he likes Raven. His culture, women are literally the exact opposite of what Raven is. They do work together. Raven appears to be a tough shell to crack but he did it. Kuddos to him. I would actually probably be friends with this guy. Don’t think I could say that about any other guy on the show.


I find Raven to be an absolute nightmare but she did get better as the show went on as she started to slowly fall for SK. Sugar daddy vibes. Just not a shot I’m doing pilates with her. Her $500 hair should cost 50 cents. Other than that, she’s fine I guess?

If you want to know who Raven is, she demanded that SK pay for her rent while he studies for school in an entirely different state. Not saying she was required to move to California but some of the things that came out of her mouth in the early stages were insane. We know why SK said no but maybe there’s a chance for them in the future.


I’ll try not to get too carried away here but Bartise is literally one of many reasons why I’d never consider going on this show. He truly might be the dumbest human I’ve ever encountered. We’re past the point of rocks for brains when describing Bartise. I truly don’t know how that guy crosses the street. He’s THAT dumb. If I were on that show, I don’t think I could have prevented myself from sucker punching him at some point.

Does anybody remember when Raven was doing jumping jacks while she was talking to Bartise in the pods? At the time, it came off a little rude like she wasn’t respecting his ability to be vulnerable and open up about tough stories. By the end of the show, it’s very easy to understand why she was exercising while he talked. Bartise has this ability to say a lot of words but literally make zero sense. I’ve never seen someone talk in more circles and get literally no where in the words he’s trying to convey. If you need to beef up your word count on a paper, call Bartise. That man will talk you into a black hole of nothing.

There were so many things that make him the most hateable person on that show. I don’t know how much further we need to go but the way he handled himself talking about abortion was maybe the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen. His reasoning for being against it also doesn’t even make sense. Bartise claims that when it comes to abortion, you get one pass. Then you can’t do it again. As if that makes any sense from literally any perspective you want to dissect his words.

But that’s the problem with Bartise. They used the excuse of him being 25. That’s not what it is. He’s very uneducated but also dumber than a rock. I’m being dead serious. I don’t know how he’s alive based on the things that come out of his mouth. He’s so dumb that I would not be surprised if someone found him dead trying to brush his teeth.

Wait, I’m not done yet. This is how dumb Bartise is. He went on a show called Love is Blind. Then tried to say that he wasn’t a superficial person for saying looks matter. He’s so dumb that he makes everyone else around him less intelligent. If we want to really talk about abortion… ok I’ll stop now.


Nobody is saying Nancy is perfect but she’s far and away the best female candidate on that show. I’m not sure how I’d feel about spinning her around staring at that cross on her back while trying to get after it. There’s something about putting my hand on the cross on her back that I just couldn’t do. Other than that, Nancy is a great person.

Great heart, smart, savvy, and cares about the right things. This girl has five properties already and Bartise’s broke ass decided that wasn’t good enough for him? It’s crazy that she said yes and he said no. She’s way out of his league and it’s not really close.

Also, for Bartise to complain about her looks is just… wow. Nancy would have been my number one on that show. She’s a solid 6.2 but to suggest she’s ugly and Raven is way hotter is just bad taste. Had I saw her for the first time while she’s running and got those nuts flopping around, that can’t be your reaction. At minimum, you have fun with those puppies. To complain about that just shows how worthless Bartise is. Also, who gets so drunk to the point where they slur words from drinking Coors Lite? They have such little alcholol in them that I refer to them as waters.

I’m so angry just thinking about Bartise so I gotta move on. If Nancy wants to holler at me… I’ll show her what a real man looks like.


Cole clearly has some frat boy vibes to him. The bugs in his toilet were disgusting. He also said some questionable things. This one is the trickiest one because it appears to be some confusion with what actually happened. I’ll just say this, Cole has his flaws but he seems like a good person. I think he wanted to marry Zanab but she really did him dirty at the alter. Let’s get to that now.


Zanab reminds me so much of a girl I dated in college. Her name was Victoria. It only lasted about two weeks and it was 13 days too long. Zanab sucks. That’s the bottom line. Not saying Cole doesn’t suck but she’s a toxic witch that needs to be exiled.

She’s just like Victoria. Contradicting B*tch. Cole apartment was disgusting and there is no denying that. However, Zanab may as well be renamed to Naggy McNagster. Somehow she complained about towels being on the floor but her solution of throwing them in the tub was somehow deemed better in her eyes. She literally complained about a sock being on the floor while Cole was literally opening his suit case to unpack.

Hey, Zanab. There is a reason why no one hits no you and it has nothing to do with your appearance. Go behind the curtain and it’s bad vibes city. You’re signing up for literal hell.

She’s literally Victoria. I couldn’t believe it. Zanab clearly has issues. She’s a bowling ball of anxiety that releases signs in her brain to twist the truth. Look, maybe Cole crossed the line at points but to interpret that Oranges scene at her telling her not to eat was crazy.

And yes, it was ghetto that you gas lit Cole at the alter and then had your friends give a round of applause as you left the building. It might not be all Zanab’s fault. She may have had reasons to blast Cole but we should also recognize she is a nightmare. A nightmare that literally no one with integrity would put up with.

Check out my post on season two of Love is Blind

Side note: Andrew

The eye drops move was such a sad move. He clearly only came on this show to try to become famous. That’s all I got. Not showing up to the reunion a no balls move. Can’t pull off that stint and then disappear when it’s time to get asked about it. That’s all I got.


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