Le'Veon Bell
Le’Veon Bell reportedly is on the trading block. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Le’Veon Bell is no fan of Adam Gase, and vice versa, that’s not a secret. Following the Jets’ most recent loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. Bell liked various tweets on Twitter from fans about Gase’s playcalling. It seems the Jets aren’t taking kindly to this and are now shopping Bell.

Le’Veon Bell Wants Out

The story was first reported by Manish Mehta, Jets/NFL columnist for NY Daily News. With the trade deadline approaching at the end of the month. The New York Jets are trying to get Bell out. Remember back to the Jamal Adams fiasco; the Jets will try to get this done before this gets ugly. To make matters more interesting, Adam Gase commented on Bell taking to social media to voice his displeasure.

I hate that’s the route that we go with all this, Instead of just talking to me about it but seems the way that guys want to do it nowadays.

Adam Gase

Adam Gase and Bell Are Not The Best of Friends

The plan for the Jets is to move Bell sooner rather than later. Gase and Bell never got along, and it made for a sticky situation. Last season during exit interviews, Gase was asked if he wanted Bell back next season. Gase’s answer wasn’t very convincing, as he told reporters. “He’s under contract for three more years, ask Joe Douglas… I’m not in charge of personnel.” It seems now this arranged marriage between Gase and Bell is coming to an end. Whether or not Bell regrets leaving Pittsburgh, we don’t know. However, we know that Bell wants no part of what’s going on with the Jets.

As for what the Jets can expect in return for Bell. It can’t be much as Bell still has two and a half years left on his contract and is owed just over $20 million. Nevertheless, the Jets are in another lose-lose situation; they won’t get anything of value for Bell. And they’ll be losing a very nice player that makes an impact on the field.