Renee Gracie
Former Australian racer Renee Gracie Getty Images / Instagram @renee_gracie

Life is weird. One minute you’re an aspiring Nascar driver and Australia’s first woman to compete full time in racing. The next minute you’re making bank getting naked on onlyfans and your dad is totally cool with it. At least, that’s how it is for this week’s Vendetta Woman Crush Wednesday Renee Gracie.

After a quick lane change (see what I did there) Gracie went from broke to making bank. Apparently, Renee started pulling 25K a week (although I’m sure that’s not the only thing she’s pulling, am I right fellas) selling photos and videos on onlyfans.

I get it, if you look good you might as well get paid to look good. Considering Renee never placed higher than 18th in any of her professional races, it was a well thought out career change.

She might be epitome of playing the hand you’re dealt.

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Just going to leave this one here.

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