Jason Peters
The Eagles need to bring back Jason Peters. Brandon Brooks is already done for the season. Don’t let Peters go to another team too. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

For the life of me, I can’t understand why nobody has signed Jason Peters. Sure, Peters is 38 and has been hurt a bunch in the past. Should that matter if Peters is still playing at a high level? In a league that is littered with bad offensive line play, how the hell has nobody found a way to sign Peters? More so than anybody, the Eagles need to bring back their former stalwart.

I get that the Eagles want to give the starting left tackle job to Andre Dillard but it seems silly not to bring back Peters if he’s just sitting on the market. Injuries happen. Look at what happened to Brandon Brooks. Arguably the best guard in football is done for the year. What happens if Dillard goes down too? Hell, why couldn’t Peters maybe play guard? Not something he’s done much in the past but he’s an upgrade over what they have.

Are you confident in Jack Driscoll or Matt Pryor to fill Brook’s shoes? Experimenting with Peters at guard makes sense. It’s not like Peters is a small guy. Peters comes in at 328 and should be able to play the position. Either way, he’s great depth at tackle. Lane Johnson has missed games in the past too.

Age is just a number because Peters can still ball out. Peters gave up 3 sacks all of 2019 which isn’t a bad number. He was also called for 10 penalties but that ranked 14th among all tackles in the NFL. The Eagles have had a great offensive line the past few years and Peters is really the anchor on that left side.

Howie Roseman bombed the draft. Don’t double down on mistakes but leaving the offensive line suspect. Bring back Peters. There is absolutely not reason not too. Letting him leave and watching another guy on the offensive line go down will be the nightmare scenario.