Lampard Upset by Liverpool's Attitude
Chelsea FC manager, Frank Lampard, was not happy about the attitude of the Liverpool bench on their Wednesday night game. Photo by Lee Smith.

The last home game for Liverpool of the season was a crazy one. There was a total of eight goals scored. Chelsea lost to Liverpool 3-5. But they had a glimmer of hope before a quick turn over. Frank Lampard was not happy about Liverpool’s attitude on the bench.

In the post-game match interview with Sky Sports, Lampard revealed that he was annoyed with the behavior of the Liverpool bench and staff.

“I’ve got no problem with Jurgen Klopp, he has managed this team and it is fantastic,” Lampard said.

“Some of the bench, it is a fine line between when you are winning and they have won the league, fair play to Liverpool Football Club but also don’t get too arrogant with it.

“In matchplay you get emotional and that is it.”

There is a video of Lampard and Jurgen Klopp exchanging several words during the game. One of the officials had to step in to try and stop the conflict. Lampard hasn’t lost respect for Klopp but was annoyed with Liverpool’s arrogance none the less.

Liverpool came out strong with goals from Naby Keita, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Giorgino. Chelsea has a glimmer of hope when Olivier Giroud scored a goal for them. That was quickly overturned by Roberto Firmino when he scored to make the score 4-1 Liverpool.

Lampard then decided to substitute some of his players. Christian Pulisic then came onto the field to change the game. Not much longer, he dribbled through several defenders before getting a ball into the six for Tammy Abraham to score.

Then Pulisic scored one for Chelsea. This made the score 4-3 for Liverpool. You could see the surprise on Klopp’s face and the hope on Lampard’s.

On a quick turn over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was able to score to finish the game 5-3 for Liverpool. Winning the game and lifting the Premier League trophy had Liverpool on edge ready to celebrate.

Even though Lampard was upset with Liverpool’s attitude, he tried hard to focus on analyzing how the game went. They have an important game on Sunday against the Wolves that will determine whether they will qualify for Champions League next year.

“I wouldn’t talk about individuals in a game in which we have conceded those goals – some were real quality Liverpool finishes especially the free-kick,” Lampard said.

“There were some collective and individual errors for them but what we did do was contribute to a really good game.

“At 4-3 I felt we might get back in the game. We know where we are at we know if we make mistakes against a team with the quality of Liverpool that can happen. There were a lot of good things in the game.

“We have two big domestic games to play this week and it is important to be together – players, fans everybody to try and finish the season how we want.”

Lampard’s tactic has been to build a team with young players. He is now asking them to step up to the plate on their Sunday game.

“They have to embrace that and take it on,” Lampard said. “We have a mix of youth and hopefully that youthfulness can sometimes help but we also have players who have been situations like this before and know what the territory is like to play for a top club.

“Also, we should have a feeling of achievement to this point. If we were offered this at the start of the season then not many people expected us to be in the top four race but we have it in our own hands.

“We are at the Bridge we have a really strong opponent coming in Wolves and it is up to us. I have belief in the players. We have to carry it on for one more game in the league.”

If Chelsea can secure a win on Sunday then they will qualify for Champions League. But they will have to put all of their effort into the game. As well as, fixing up their defense.