Lamar Jackson Tyrod Taylor
Lamar Jackson is really good at impersonating Tyrod Taylor. (Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun)

It’s truly unbelievable how the rest of the media falls for the same thing over and over. We all know Lamar Jackson isn’t sustainable but people never learn their lesson. I broke that down earlier today. I did a little more digging today. Lamar Jackson really has just done his best impersonation of Tyrod Taylor. Don’t forget, Taylor was also drafted by the Ravens out of Virginia Tech. He just never got his chance because he was in the middle of Joe Flacco’s run. Taylor and Jackson’s numbers are virtually identical.

Through the first 16 games of their career’s, Lamar Jackson and Tyrod Taylor are the same guy. That’s not even factoring in that Taylor played in worse weather conditions in Buffalo. He had a worse supporting cast too. Same exact guy. Funny how both had Greg Roman too as their coordinator. Yes, I’m aware I didn’t include the rushing numbers. However, if you have to pull out rushing stats for why a quarterback is good, he probably isn’t that good. Right now he’s throwing the ball like Tyrod Taylor. Where’s Tyrod at right now? He’s the backup for Chargers. Give it time people.

Fine, I’ll include the rushing. Lamar Jackson is averaging 5.59 yards per attempt while Taylor is averaging 5.44 yards per attempt. That’s over their first 16 games. Jackson has more yards because he has way more attempts. On a per carry basis, Taylor is within a 2 percent margin.

You can bow down to Lamar all you want. The truth is that he’s proven nothing. Hey, maybe he continues to improve. Let’s see some playoff wins or big time playoff performances before you continue to shove a running quarterback down my throat when they all flame out.