Kris Barr
Kris Barr. (screen capture Facebook)

Hi, Kris Barr. It’s Chad Bauman. I’m the person you were messaging on Facebook last night.

Believe me, when I say that I didn’t know who you were, I genuinely mean that. I had to Google your name when you told me who you were. #noregrets

You should stop getting your dick in a twist over a media company reporting on a news article. It’s not a good look.

Kris Barr
A b*tch in my DM’s
Kris Barr
Same b*tch in my DM’s

Look, I get it, you have an opinion on Jeff Nadu. That’s cool. You voiced your opinion on him in the comment section. Again, cool. That’s your right.

The issue is you decided to hit the DMs like anyone should give a f*ck about your opinion.

News flash big fella, you are not a big enough deal to be that hostile in anyone’s DMs from jump. So don’t be mad at me for not being bullied by some prick on the internet.

You may have more followers on social than me and my entire site combined. You seem to be doing well enough (at least from my google search) to say you make more in a month than I make at my day job in an entire year. But, I guarantee that I have a bigger dick and balls than you.

So, considering you make so much more than me, if you want to take a trip to South Jersey, we can throw on the gloves and scrap in the Wawa parking lot of your choice.

If you win, I will admit defeat and literally kiss your ass. If I win, you kiss my little foot (barefoot no shoes or socks). That seems fair.

Personally, I’d say the only way to settle our beef is pistols at dawn. Unfortunately, that’s pretty illegal.

The ball is in your court, b*tch. Pull up or shut up. Just know I’m a vegetarian, so if you got beef, I ain’t f*cking scared of you.

In short, I guess what I’m trying to say is, FIGHT ME.

P.S. I stand by what I said. If there was ever an uglier, lives with their mom lookin’ ass mother f*cker than you, I couldn’t name them.

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