Nadu Challenges Rico Bosco
via Barstool Sports

Jeff Nadu challenges Rico Bosco to a gambling contest.

Jeff Nadu and Rico Bosco are two gambling content creators for Barstool Sports, but have never appeared in content together. Rico Bosco refuses to acknowledge Nadu who goes by Big Man on Campus (BMOC). Bosco has some moral code that he lives by and BMOC does not abide by those, so Bosco won’t even be in the same room as him.

Nadu took to Twitter to challenge Rico Bosco to a college basketball handicapping contest, and if Bosco wins Nadu will quit his job at Barstool Sports.

I got a challenge for you… First four days of the NCAA tournament, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. You say your a basketball handicapper, then step the f**k up because you know I am. Here is what we do. You and I both get a set amount of money, we bet games. At the end of the four days, whoever has the most money wins. If you win. I will quit Barstool and you get all the money… if you beat me I will quit Barstool on the spot

Jeff Nadu on Twitter

Wow, bold proposition for BMOC to make, to offer to quit his job over a four day gambling challenge is insane. Anything can happen in gambling, so to risk your job over that seems like a dumb idea.

Bosco, who does not acknowledge BMOC at all, was asked about the challenge on Picks Central and answered while shaking his head no

Is it not the most predictable thing you have ever seen?

Listen, there are certain people who have succeeded here. Alex Cooper says she won’t do things with Tommy, it is bad for the brand, I abide by the same rules, that it, that’s what I say.

Rico Bosco on Picks Central

Bosco comparing him self to Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper is such a ridiculous statement that it made me laugh out loud, but like I said he lives by a moral code and BMOC does not fit in it.

Brandon Walker, the host of Pick Central said on the show that he believes BMOC’s contract is expiring, so this is just a ploy to keep his job, and if he were to lose it would be a better exit for the public eye.

TL//DR: Jeff Nadu challenges Rico Bosco to a gambling contest for his job.