GameStop to the moon
GameStop to the moon! (Johnathan Weiss /

GameStop to the moon! The incredible stock frenzy that took over the news last month is back. However, this time Robinhood and their crooked CEO Vlad Tenev won’t stop us.

Rundown of the GameStop Frenzy

I’ll give a quick rundown of GameStop ($GME) for those of you that have been hiding under a rock. Basically, retail investors on the sub-Reddit r/WallStreetBets banned together. When they found out GameStop was being shorted by big hedge funds such as Melvin Capital and Citadel. The price of $GME was super low and once the Reddit army started to buy and it took off on social media the price skyrocketed to over $400 a share. However, once the big hedge funds started to lose at their own game. They turned the game off. These hedge funds got broker websites to betray their clients and restrict the purchasing of $GME and other so-called “Meme” stocks. I became so distraught and violated due to this heinous act of villainy I held an emergency press conference that night.

Pretty messed up, right? Yes, it was a travesty, an abomination, a straight blatant misuse of power, and clear market manipulation. However, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) started investigations into this. The criminals on that day will get their just desserts.

The Second Wave is Upon Us

Fast-forward to February 24, 2021, the diamond-handed army rose from the grave and pushed $GME from $40 a share to $160 a share. The frenzy is back and just as strong as it was before. When the market opened on February 25, 2021, $GME managed to get as high as $180 a share before dipping a little to around $110 a share.

Nevertheless, the pattern is identical to the first $GME frenzy in January. The price will only go up before the weekend hits. Better get on now before you get left at the bus stop.

However, I must address one more thing. To Robinhood, the hedge funds, and whoever else tried to keep the poor down last time. I told you we are unrelenting, we are strong, and we outnumber you. We are the diamond-handed legion. Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.