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Eric DeCosta

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I Know The Ravens Are Spying On Me Now

Eric DeCosta
I just know the Ravens are spying on me now. Eric DeCosta continues to defy my beliefs in a rather coincidental way. (Gabe Souza/Colby)

I Know The Ravens Are Spying On Me Now

I see you Ravens. Oh, I know you see me. Now I know you really see me.

Look, we all know why we’re here. I am the Ravens fan that actively roots for his own team to lose because I believe the way they are running their football team is a total tire fire. I know what they’re doing and it’s not going to work. It’s never going to work.

You can laugh at Joe Flacco all you want but that guy had nuts. When Joe got fat and happy, he didn’t play so well in that Week 7 game against Jacksonville. You accepted it as a fan because this guy had given me so much. In the biggest moments, Flacco had that Eli Manning quality to become ELITE when you needed it most.

Have you seen Flacco’s playoff numbers? 10-5. Could have won a second Super Bowl if Billy Cundiff didn’t suck. The 2012 playoff run of 11-0 TD to INT ratio shall never be forgotten. You can hate on the man all you want but he is a legitimate Super Bowl champion and there have been plenty of quarterbacks to win titles with far worse numbers in the modern era. Where does the Jacoby Jones throw to beat Denver rank? Give the man his respect. That is all I am saying.

The Ravens didn’t do that. Just as they didn’t do that with Trent Dilfer. Nobody is saying Dilfer is a world beater but he’s really smart and it’s outrageous he wasn’t at least brought back the following year. I’m not saying you didn’t need to start looking for options to replace Flacco. It is 2022. I’m aware of what’s going on, even if you aren’t. You didn’t need to do this and replace him with a joke of a product.

Lamar Jackson is a ticking time bomb. Clocks past due. If you were ever going to somehow win with it, that window is gone. Looks great when the fruit is ripe. We go outside apple picking and Lamar’s got a bunch of rushing yards and all these fantasy points. The fans go wow! Get them all fooled into believing this thing is going to work. That somehow the Ravens were going to reinvent football.

That’s where they’re wrong. We are more than our thoughts. I believe the Ravens need to get their ego checked at the door because the universe reinvents itself. The Ravens don’t make the rules. Football evolution does.

The Ravens believe in all of the wrong things. They sat there and made up all this stuff up on the fly. If they even believed in this plan, they would have made sure they picked Lamar ahead of Hayden Hurst. An old failed MLB prospect for a tight end. If they really thought Lamar Jackson was THE guy, they wouldn’t have waited until the 32nd pick when they already had a much earlier one in the back pocket.

All of you idiots were conned into believing this thing actually works. That’s the sad part about it. If Lamar had been picked by the Jets, he would have been Pat White. Out of the league and embarrassing. Instead, John Harbaugh is damn good at his job. We somehow got a different brother but the essentially the same guy that conned everyone into believing Colin Kaepernick was actually good. He never was. But Harbaugh was coaching him so he won a lot of games. Not so many when he went bye-bye.

Lamar Jackson will never be an elite thrower of the football. Ever. My eyeballs do in fact work. You’re never going to win anything important with Lamar as your quarterback. He is the Rudy Gobert of the NBA. Congratulations on a second round playoff exit. I thought the goal was to be better than the Bengals. Sad that can’t even happen anymore.

All the leaves are off the trees? It’s cold outside? Hits start piling up over the season. We know how this goes and I’ve seen it coming the whole time. 1-3 playoff record with 4 bad starts. 56% with a 3-5 TD to INT ratio. Just lucky the Titans can’t do better than the bad version of Ryan Tannehill. Pathetic against the Chargers. Poo-Poo against Tennessee the first time. Not arguable that he was worse than Tyler Huntley in the Bills playoff game.

Somehow there are still people conned into believing this is working. That somehow it will get better when you give Lamar Jackson all of the money. Because historically that usually works (not) along with a quarterback that relies heavily on athleticism. Congratulations for signing up for the Titanic. I’m out and I want no part of rooting for this proud organization that has decided to voluntarily light itself on fire.

They acted like I didn’t know their plans. It was so stupid obvious. Eric DeCosta (or Ozzie Newsome, hopefully not Ozzie. I don’t want to blame him but I am unsure of who ultimately had the final call on it. However, the plan has since been followed through by DeCosta). We know what happened. He walked into his office one day and started watching film of Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma and got a little hot and bothered.

They acted like they were going to change football. We can make this work! An athlete at quarterback stock piled with all these Oklahoma guys that can move real fast! The Big 12 is coming to the Ravens!

Do you notice that’s the problem? The once proud Ravens defense is in the toilet. Giving up 42 to Miami? Has the defense literally ever been this bad in the history of the Ravens franchise? I understand it’s 2022 and offense rules but this defense isn’t proud anymore. At least San Francisco and Pittsburgh try to be.

C’mon how much more obvious do we have to get? Have you not followed the bread crumbs? Congratulations, Mark Andrews worked out for you. But look at this cheese. During a two year span, the Ravens drafted four players from Oklahoma (Ben Powers, Mark Andrews, Orlando Brown, Marquise Brown). Yeah, I had a problem with it because the idea that Marquise Brown should have been picked ahead of Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, or DK Metcalf was laughable and yes, I have that on record.

Are you starting to see why it’s frustrating to be me? Deep down, I love the Ravens. My favorite color is purple. Those legendary defenders are my heroes along with Jamal Lewis. I always wanted a favorite team in Maryland because we always went there for vacation and I loved seafood. If you feed me all you can eat crabs, I will not leave. I love me some Maryland blue crabs. So the Ravens became my team.

Eric DeCosta doesn’t love this team. He just wants to use some sick experiment he hopes will work. I’ve challenged the Ravens time and time again and have been proven right. He gets to sit in his office every day while being wrong and getting paid for it. Who’s really the villain here?

Lamar Jackson is a joke. So is this franchise for drafting him. If you wanted a real quarterback, you should have gotten Josh Allen who should have been a desirable target after Sam Darnold was off the board. I am also on record for that. I was absolutely wrong about Darnold but the bottom line is the point here still stands.

The Browns were taking Baker Mayfield. You couldn’t match what the Jets were giving up to go get Sam Darnold. I’m still kinda lowkey convinced they messed it up because they’re the Jets but that’s a topic for another day. If you wanted to go get a quarterback that year, Josh Allen was the guy to go get. His ceiling was too tempting to pass at that point as a team looking for a quarterback when you know you’re never going to really pick high enough to get a sure thing. Allen had his flaws but his tools were too good to pass.

Buffalo is going to dominate for the next 10 years because you were unprepared. Full electric collar leash. Hits the shock collar whenever they want. Just like what happened last week. Even when you think you’re winning, they put the collar on and take you outside for a walk. Buffalo was aggressive. They got their guys (Tremaine Edmunds, a Virginia Tech hometown guy & Allen). Baltimore waited around and ended up with a scrub in Hurst and the Mickey Mouse Mike Vick. It’s changed the course of history forever and I have a right to be mad about it. We don’t get to have this one back.

You sat there and said Hayden Hurst rocks. Let’s hope and pray this weird tight end fetsh in a gimmick offense works. It’s sad. The good people of Baltimore deserve better.

We know how this thing goes if you have been reading this site long enough. I have been ripping the Ravens drafts since Eric DeCosta took over. This time I know he’s now intentionally challenging me because he is doubling down on everything I disagree with.

We have several obvious examples but I’ll list three for time purposes because we’re already getting pretty long here but I’m confident if you have followed along with me on this journey you now also believe the Ravens deserve to be called a clown show.

They got owned in the Orlando Brown trade. Let Kansas City get Brown and still ended up with the better player in Creed Humphrey. I felt very strongly Rashod Bateman should not have been a first round pick that year. He’s fine but hasn Bateman been close to other receivers that have been drafted in the first round? The four that went ahead of him – Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, DeVonta Smith, and Kadarius Toney who barely counts as the two guys who wanted him (Dave Gettleman & Urban Meyer) have both been relieved of their duties. We know the answer to that question.

They drafted Kyle Hamilton in the first round when I said not to. But I know this is what happens now. I don’t get Ed Reed anymore. I have to settle for Kyle Hamilton. Instead, I have to watch Miami get Jevon Holland, Pittsburgh get Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Tampa get Antoine WInfield.

This is how it goes now. The Ravens miss out on George Pickens and Jordan Davis. Instead, DeCosta has convinced you that Isaiah Likely and Travis Jones are really good! It’s garbage and I hate it here. You should too if you’re a real fan of this team.

Now this time, I know he sees me. I really know he sees me now. A day after I write the I won the Andy Isabella argument, the Ravens sign him today.

Get real, noob. I see your cheese coming from a mile away. We get it. you like this small dinky receivers that you see in the Big 12 now instead of the guys that matter like the ones LSU and Bama are producing. I understand. Lucky for you Devin Duvernay predictably worked out because he has return value and his hands are just damn good. Otherwise, this Isabella move will go down like they always do. Trey wins, Ravens front offices loses while continuing to be allowed to go along with their egregious plans.

When the Ravens fail to make another playoff run this Winter, ask yourself why yourself why you think this is going to get better after Lamar makes a bigger portion of the Ravens salary cap. Historically, It just doesn’t and in this instance, you just can’t do it.

Buffalo and Kansas City will have the collars out again this Winter. Remind yourself the guys Baltimore wants to draft and believe in are the ones like Andy Isabella. Small, not freakishly talented, and propped up by lies. The guys I want are DK Metcalf who was somehow drafted AFTER a fast school teacher that played at UMass. It’s comical and the Ravens just don’t get it.


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