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Kevin Garnett

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett Says The Celtics Broke Lebron

Kevin Garnett
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Celtics and the Cavaliers played each other in the 2008 and the 2010 playoffs. The Celtics eliminated the Lebron James and the Cavaliers both times. Kevin Garnett had some thoughts on those postseason battles with Lebron. Kevin Garnett via the Bill Simmons Podcast reported by NBC NBA:

We broke LeBron. So, get your ass out of here with that. You understand how he got to Cleveland, how he got to Miami, Bill? You remember that? So stop bringing that up, all right?

So they was talking s— to him, the media. And the league knew that they had an agenda in which we wasn’t part of the agenda. You understand? Right. And that’s how they ended up winning that series. Yeah, I said it.

Let me say something to you: The C’s, we didn’t give a f— about LeBron. We didn’t fear LeBron, and we didn’t think that he could beat all five of us. And that’s how it felt. He was trying to consolidate, because he didn’t want the pressure on him. You understand?

We weren’t part of the agenda. The agenda was Miami. He wasn’t going to Miami to be like Cleveland.

That’s sensitive to all of us. A lot of us think that it’s sports. If you had D Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron over in this corner and you had me, TA – I’m just making these names up – and maybe Paul and Rondo right here, it’d be a what’s up, and it’d be cool and respect. But it won’t be any fraternizing. It ain’t going to be any, “Yo, how the family?” It won’t be none of that. It’s real. They don’t f— with us, we don’t f— with them. But it’s cool, though. It’s a mutual understanding. We have respect for each other, but it won’t be – When I did the interview with D Wade, that was me having to interview D Wade. But part of me, he knows, and he knows. We talked about that off-camera, and it was an understanding. But everybody knows that that’s in there. We go to All-Star games, they’re on that side, we’re right here.

Well, Kevin Garnett has never been one to mince words. These are definitely strong words from an All-Time great. It’s almost 10 years later, why is this even a thing now? Lebron hasn’t played in Miami for 5 years, they haven’t played the Celtics in 7 years. To hear about this now is just a little puzzling. Of course, one could say that the Celtics could be one of the reasons that Lebron temporarily lost love for the game. But hey, I’ve always been one for the chisme (drama). Keep talking your shit Kevin Garnett, do you.

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