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LeBron James Teammates

(Robert Laberge / Getty Images)

LeBron James Teammates Ranked: Top 15

LeBron James Teammates
(Robert Laberge / Getty Images)

LeBron James Teammates Ranked: Top 15

LeBron has had much success in his career, but he didn’t do it alone. LeBron James teammates are just important to some of his success as LeBron’s. So we decided to rank the teammates LeBron has had. Here are his top 15 teammates over the years.

15. James Jones

LOOK I DON’t WANT TO HEAR IT. James Jones is the only reason that LeBron went to the finals 7 straight years from 2011 to 2017. Look he averaged 4 PPG, he almost averaged 1 APG and averaged at least 1 RPG. I’m not surprised that we didn’t put him at number 1 okay. Please understand that this was a joke, I really had no idea who to put here at 15, it was slim pickings going this far.

14. Timofey Mozgov

Timofey Mozgov won a ring with Lebron in 2016 with the Cavs. He averaged about 8 PPG and about 6 RPG. Apparently this was enough for the Lakers to massively overpay him. Lebron played with Mozgov for 2 years. I won’t say he played a huge role, but it was enough to put him on this list.

13. Anderson Varejao

Although Varejao never won a ring with Lebron, he played with him the 2nd most out of all players. Varejao averaged 8 PPG with Lebron and about 7 RPG in his tenure with Lebron. This includes two stints from 2005-2010 and 2015-and some of 2016. Fun fact, he was part of that team that beat Lebron in 2017.

12. Kyle Korver

Here’s at least a familiar name. Kyle Korver was part of the main squad during the 2016 title run with the Cavs. Over his 3 years with the Cavs and LeBron, Kyle Kover averaged 9 PPG, 1 APG and 2 RPG. He was a reliable 3 pt shooter for the Cavs. I think everyone apart of that 2016 Cavs squad was needed to pull off that upset. Kyle Korver has always been considered one of the best shooters in his career and showed that still with Lebron.

11. Mario Chalmers

Mario Chalmers played with LeBron during his stint with Miami Heat. He was the starting PG for them and averaged 9 PPG, 3 APG, and 2 RPG. Mario Chalmers won 2 rings with LeBron. Although he became a bit of a meme for the Heat as the go-to scapegoat. He did his part to help win those rings. Although after LeBron left, Mario Chalmers became irrelevant and doesn’t even play anymore after playing in 2018 with the Grizzlies at age 31.

10. JR Smith

SPEAKING OF MEMES. At 10 we have JR Smith. God, for some reason, you just have to love JR Smith. He’s a talented player but he’s just a bonehead. The first bonehead move that comes to mind is forgetting the score to Game 1 of the 2018 finals. The Cavs would eventually lose that game and ultimately the finals later on. He’s averaged 9 PPG, 3 RPG, and 1 APG with Lebron. He was basically a more versatile Kyle Korver. You rarely saw Kyle Korver dribble. JR could dribble and shoot. He’s another one of those guys that helped the Cavs win the championship in 2016.

9. Tristan Thompson

Another guy that was important in that 2016 NBA Finals run. With LeBron, he averaged 7 PPG, and 8 RPG. Although his points are as impressive as the ones above, his rebounding and defense were key for the Cavs and Lebron. With Kevin Love turning into a stretch 4, Tristan Thompson’s home became the paint. LeBron made the Cavs think he was so valuable that they overpaid him and are still stuck with that contract.

8. Mo Williams

Mo Williams averaged about 17 points with Lebron in the 2 seasons he’s played with him. He added 4 APG and 3 RPG. That was enough to get him an All-Star appearance in 2009. That just shows you how weak the East was. Despite that, he’s still an all-star and became one of LeBron’s more impactful teammates in his first stint with Cleveland. Other than that, there’s not a lot to say about Mo here. He’s out the league now, and his numbers were always around 15 PPG, 4 APG, and 3 RPG

7. Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Please do not check my spelling on this, I triple-checked 5 times to make sure I spelled it right and I am still not sure. Anyway, the BIG Z! I will be addressing him as Z in this. Z played 8 seasons with Lebron, the most of all the players that played with him. Not only was Z an All-Star with Lebron, but he was also an All-Star without Lebron the year before Lebron was drafted. Z averaged 13 PPG, 7 RPG and was there for 2 finals losses in Lebron’s careers. He was one of the more important players in 2007 and a bench rider in 2011.

6. Ray Allen

I could have moved Ray Allen down. But I think his role is so important in this Lebron teammates rankings. Before I get to the stats, without Ray Allen, Lebron only has 2 rings. In game 6 the 2013 finals, against my beloved Spurs, Ray Allen made a 3 that still stings my heart and puts the Heat in Overtime, where the Heat eventually won. They won that game and the series in 7 games all because of Ray Allen. Ray Allen had 10 PPG, almost 2 APG, and almost 3 RPG with the Lebron. As I said, his role in all this is because, without him, Lebron has two rings, and Lebron is forever out of the GOAT debate. Ray Allen was THE 3-pt shooter for the Heat, if you needed a 3, you knew that Ray Allen was the guy.

5. Kevin Love

Now in the top 5 of LeBron James teammates rankings. Kevin Love. How many times do I have to say it, the 2016 finals was important for most of his teammates. When Love played with Lebron for 4 seasons, he averaged 17 PPG, at least 10 RPG, and 2 APG. Love was part of the big 3 for Cleveland and was a vital part of Lebron’s success in the East. Without Love in the finals in 2016, that team doesn’t win. Kevin Love is a great way to start out this top 5.

4. Chris Bosh

Some of y’all would have put Chris Bosh at 3 for LeBron’s teammates, but when we really look at it, I just can’t do it. As great as Chris Bosh was, his numbers dipped quite a bit when he joined the Heat. He never averaged more than 18 PPG with LeBron. As a PF/C, he never averaged over 8 RPG, or 2 APG, all with LeBron. Despite winning 2 rings, there’s no reason why Chris Bosh would deserve to be 3rd on this list. He played a big role in those rings, just not enough for me.

3. Kyrie Irving

A lot of you would put Chris Bosh here, but no, I don’t believe that. Kyrie played a huge role in the 2016 finals. Kyrie had 27.1 PPG, 3.9 APG, and 3.9 RPG, including a 41-point game in game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals. In his 3 seasons with Lebron, he’s always averaged 20 PPG, 5 APG and 3 RPG. Kyrie was easily Lebron’s best teammate on the Cleveland Cavaliers. I put Kyrie’s production during this over Chris Bosh’s production over the years he played with Lebron and in those finals.

2. Anthony Davis

It hasn’t been very long, but I think I should see no complaints by already putting him at 2nd in LeBron James teammates rankings. That’s just right now too! If the Lakers somehow win a title, and Anthony Davis wins FMVP, he’s automatically LeBron’s best teammate of all-time. No disrespect to the number 1 on this list, (you should know already), but Anthony Davis is one of the best players, he just doesn’t have the accolades. He has the stats and is still young enough that he can still get the hardware to be considered in the best players ever lists. Over his career, he’s averaged at least 23.7 PPG, 10.5 RPG(!!!), and 2 APG. Anthony Davis is just one of the most talented players there is, that’s just facts.

1. Dwyane Wade

Was there any doubt where Dwyane Wade would be ranked in LeBron’s teammates list? Dwyane Wade has it all. The stats, the accolades, the success by himself, there’s no question he is Lebron’s best teammate ever, SO FAR***. Dwyane Wade is also the 3rd best SG of all-time, DON’T DEBATE ME ON THIS. He was LeBron’s second option in his time with the Heat, always averaging over 20 PPG, around 5 APG, and 5 RPG. Dwyane Wade would help LeBron two of his rings.


Let us know which one of LeBron James teammates you would have added to the list!

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