Kamaru Usman
Conor McGregor is running his mouth for no reason so Kamaru Usman had to put him in his place. (Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC)

Kamaru Usman defended his Welterweight title at UFC 245 this past Saturday. After Usman defeated Covington, Conor McGregor sent out this tweet.

It sounded like McGregor wants a title shot at any of the three weight classes. Kamaru Usman took that comment personally. He made Conor’s little tweet look silly (which it is).

“He must want to die,” Usman told TMZ on Monday. “This is not ’45, ’55. You saw what Khabib [Nurmagomedov] did to him. Oh my God. It wouldn’t be fair if I fought Conor. Much respect to Conor for what he’s done for the sport and transcended it. But nah. This ain’t what you want. Just sit down, little man. Sit down. Learn to walk before you can run. Because I would hurt that guy.”

He’s right. Conor would get pummeled. A: Conor doesn’t know how to wrestle. Anybody who is a world class wrestler will kill McGregor. That’s just a fact. B: Usman is no ordinary fighter. He just broke Colby Covington’s jaw. He made Tyron Woodley look like a punk. McGregor does not want that fight. C: McGregor doesn’t have the eye of the tiger anymore. That’s gone. All you had to do is watch his lead up to the Khabib fight. There’s no dog in him anymore.

We will see who Usman actually fights next. If it’s up to the champ, he wants GSP:

“If I had to choose, of course I want Georges,” Usman said. “I want GSP. One more win and I tie him for the most consecutive wins. How sweet would that be to actually get that win off of him?”

GSP is 38 so I don’t know why he wants that fight. I’m sure he’s in great shape because GSP always is. Still, that’s not what we want to see. Feed me Jorge Masvidal next. Now that’s a fight we want to see.