Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant tells the media to ‘grow up’ over constant free agency talk. Amen to that (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I am here for any time a player rips the media. This time it came in the form of Kevin Durant. The NBA media is the worst. It’s a sport that is so boring that the media has nothing else to talk about besides for petty drama. Will this player go to destination A, B, or C. It’s annoying. Kevin Durant has had enough of reporters constantly trying speculate where Durant will sign this offseason.

A reporter asked Durant why he hasn’t been speaking with the media recently. KD sums it up perfectly:

I LOVE this from Kevin Durant. I’m not a Warriors fan boy by any means but this is why I continue to gain respect for Durant and this organization. The NBA reporters are out of control. 99 percent of them do not have real sources. They walk around the locker room just like Durant said and form their own conclusions to get clicks. It’s bullshit and they need to be held accountable. Thank you, Kevin.

The Knicks rumors are bullshit and I’m glad Durant said them specifically. He even mentioned Porzingis. Just the look on his face says it all. Who is the idiot that traded Kristaps Porzingis? Leaving the best team in the league for the worst team in the league never made any sense and I’m glad Durant mentioned it so these reporters would hopefully shut up about it.

Everything Durant said it true. He does play the game the right way. He shares the ball and plays on a team with constant ball movement. He has said multiple times to stop asking about free agency, the reporters ask anyway. It’s unnecessary drama. Why can’t we appreciate what the Warriors are doing in the here an now. If you keep obsessing over the offseason, you can never appreciate what’s happening on the court. Want to know why I hate the media? Now you know.