Kristaps Porzingis
Who won the Kristaps Porzingis trade? (Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s Super Bowl week, yet the NBA decided crash the part a bit and create some drama of their own. In case you have been living under a rock, Kristaps Porzingis has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. The full details include Porzingis, Tim Hardaway, and Courtney Lee heading to Dallas in exchange for two first-round picks, Wesley Matthews, DeAndre Jordan, and Dennis Smith Jr. heading to New York. Who won this blockbuster trade?

I understand why a team would trade Porzingis. I just don’t understand the Knicks strategy for doing so. At this point, Porzingis should be considered a health risk. He is recovering from a torn ACL and you don’t see a lot of 7-foot-3 guys walking around out there. I tried to think of reasons why I would trade Porzingis and the only one that I could come up with is health. Maybe the Knicks doctors know something we don’t. If that’s not the case and Porzingis has a clean bill of health, then the Knicks are stupid.

It’s hard to envision the Mavericks being in the lottery two and four years from now. A core of Porzingis and Luka Doncic should be enough to attract one more star. Dallas should be a playoff team for the next ten years if Porzingis is healthy. Of course, we know that neither Dennis Smith or the draft picks were the Knicks main motivation for this trade.

Did I miss the memo that said elite players are now interested in the Knicks? Please tell me what’s changed? The Knicks have the worst record in the NBA and that was before they traded their best player (Tim Hardaway). The Knicks master plan appears to land Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Oh how cute. A: Kyrie Irving already said with his own mouth that he is re-signing with the Celtics. I’m not sure how that indicated to the Knicks that they now have a shot? B: Why would Kevin Durant leave Golden State? If he is crazy enough to leave, wouldn’t the Clippers along with Kawhi Leonard become the much more attractive option?

Let me get this straight? An elite free agent is jumping out of his boots to join…. Kevin Knox? I’m not sure if the Knicks are aware of this but you need young players or draft assets to lure to land one of those players. New York has neither besides it’s own pick and even then, they are counting on the lottery balls to bounce their way. Even if that happens, it takes how many years for a young player to have a real impact on a team anyway. Anthony Davis needed 3 years just to make the 8 seed. You think Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant is going to wait around in the prime of their career for an 18-year old lottery ticket?

Did I mention the fact that the Knicks have the worst ownership in the league? Players never take the Knicks seriously. Why would they do so now while they are tanking and have the worst record in the league? LaMarcus Aldridge wouldn’t even give the Knicks a meeting. For the record, neither did Kevin Durant the first time around and now apparently he’s dying to sign this time? Makes zero sense.

Now that we got that out of the way, Dennis Smith and a couple of low first rounders seems way too low for a player of Porzingis’ stature. Porzingis, 23, should just be scratching the surface. Porzingis truly is a unicorn that can shoot, run, defend, score, and pass. Seems like a created 2k player. Again, unless health is somehow involved, the Mavericks stole Porzingis. I learned a long time ago, in the NBA, the team that gets the star wins the trade. Case closed.

Also, shouldn’t someone want Tim Hardaway? He’s averaging 19 points per game for the Knicks. His shooting percentage is low because he’s the only option for New York. Why can’t Hardaway be a good 4th option on a playoff team? I can’t wait until the Knicks convince themselves that Tobias Harris is the free agent they have been targeting all along.