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Kevin Durant

(Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Durant Is The Most Interesting Man In Sports

Kevin Durant
(Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Durant Is A Total Nutcase

The seven-foot assassin on the basketball court is widely considered by many to be the best basketball player in the world, including myself. Kevin Durant is one of the most unique basketball players on and off the court. On the court, we have never seen a player that is seven feet tall with his ability, from handling the basketball and shooting it from a distance that looks effortless. He was really born to play this game. Off the court, he is so unpredictable with his Twitter fights and unnecessary shots at reporters. His latest stunt is involved with Team USA. A feud with teammate Bam Adebayo about an “unwritten rule” while putting shots up.

The altercation went viral after being caught on Instagram between the two players. The video shows Kevin Durant making a three-pointer and asking for “makers” because he had made the shot. KD starts a hissy fit, going up to Bam and claiming he had taken the ball he had made. Bam defends himself by telling KD that Lillard had taken his ball, and the two would continue to argue over video. This is a really childish act from Kevin Durant. There are many balls lying around the court, and he just has to have that one ball. Kevin went so far as to take this incident to Twitter to call out Bam, making this a way bigger deal than it already had to be. If Durant doesn’t like something, he goes to Twitter to voice his frustration. This is just another example of why Kevin Durant is missing a couple of screws in the head.

Kevin Durant Is Mentally Weak

I have never seen such a crybaby over social media from an athlete of Kevin Durant’s status. Twitter is like his diary that he goes to every time he is upset with something. The only difference is the whole world can see it, not just him. If Joe Shmoe talks about his performance from the game, Durant has to immediately clap back at him. Like why do you care so much about what these people have to say about you? You are Kevin fucking Durant, one of the best players to ever walk on a basketball court. Why do you need to stoop down to these levels when all they want is a reaction? Even getting into altercations with actor Michael Rapaport saying horrendous things to him through direct messages. Of course, these would be screenshotted for everyone to see. He and his butt buddy Kyrie Irving share the same crazy psyche. Just this week, Kyrie called his own upcoming signature shoe sponsored by Nike “trash.” The two player’s antics, I believe, have driven many fans to hate them in the league. This is sad because they are two of the most talented and fun players to watch in the NBA. The two will never change, as this has been going on for years. At least the two superstar players have each other to suck off every night before bed. To comfort one another, “It’s okay, honey, don’t listen to those bad people.”



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