Kenny Yeboah
Where does Ole Miss product Kenny Yeboah stand in the 2021 NFL Draft tight end class? Check out his NFL Draft profile right here! (Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports)

Is Kenny Yeboah the gem of the 2021 NFL Draft tight end class? Outside of Kyle Pitts, the entire tight end is a crapshoot. In fairness, it’s like that in most years. Yeboah is an interesting prospect that has a chance to flourish as a developmental tight end for somebody. Let’s check out the Kenny Yeboah 2021 NFL Draft profile.

Yeboah has been around the block for a while being a redshirt senior. He started out his college career at Temple but finished up as a grade transfer at Ole Miss. Yeboah made a name for himself in the great state of Pennsylvania at Parkland high school. Yeboah planned on going to Baylor but once Matt Rhule jumped at the Carolina Panthers job, Ole Miss became the sport for him.

Yeboah comes in at 6-foot-4, 250 and looks the part. The Temple career can basically be tossed aside. He had zero production outside of the 2019 season. Yeboah is one of the hardest tight ends to grade for me. He completely blew up against Alabama but was mostly a ghost the rest of the year.

On the 2020 season, Yeboah caught 27 balls for 524 yards and six touchdowns in seven games. In the Bama game alone, Yeboah had seven receptions for 181 yards and two scores. Goes to show the rest of the year minus the Auburn – Florida game, he was basically a non-factor.

I also thought Yeboah had a poor Senior Bowl showing. He just looked caught in the mud a lot. Slow direction skills. Took him forever to get from point A to point B. Created absolutely zero separation. It was a shame too because it makes it feel like the Bama game was just a fluke that Lane Kiffin just spent too much time with Nick Saban.

I think Yeboah has some speed but god his change of direction bothered me. There’s no route running ability. Total zone beater tight end that you hope he can run straight and find his niche that way. I think his hands need to get better too.

I have Yeboah ranked on the top ten tight end list but not overly high. Good luck figuring Yeboah out on draft day. I think there’s something to work with here but there’s also a chance he never develops into a real contributor.

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