Let Russ Cook
Has Seattle finally let Russ cook? Will the Seahawks become a more pass-happy team or was Week one against the Falcons just a fluke? (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Fans in Seattle have been clamoring for one thing and one thing only. Let Russ Cook! Boy, did Seattle deliver! If Week 1 was an indication for what we’re getting for the rest of the season, give the MVP award to Russell Wilson right now.

Wilson put together a perfect performance. Wilson went 31-35, 322 yards, and four touchdowns. Not to mention, a couple of the incompletions were drops by the receivers. Wilson was flat out perfect.

Yes, it was a bad Falcons defense; yes, Dan Quinn cannot coach, and his Falcons are a joke. None of that matters. The story of this game was the philosophies of the coaching staff.

Here are some basic facts:

Over the last three years, Seattle had the fewest throwing attempts in the 1st quarter of any team in the NFL.

Nobody threw the ball more in the first three-quarters than Seattle in Week 1.

Let Russ Cook is finally here! It’s only Week 1, but Seattle has clearly shown that they are going to let Wilson air it out. I didn’t think we would see it, but we are here. Carlos Hyde and Chris Carson only had 13 combined carries in a game Seattle was winning the whole game. I don’t think that’s going to be a fluke.

Then again, here’s what Pete Carroll said after the game:

“Seven and six carries wasn’t enough for our guys, we need to get more,” Carroll said. “We were at 20, we want to get more than that in general, but when Russ is completing every pass, we weren’t discouraged about the movement of the football. But we love running the ball, we always have, and those guys will get more carries, as we move down through the schedule.”

If the Seahawks let Russ Cook, the fantasy impacts are apparent. Both running backs take a step back if this trend continues. Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, and any Seahawks pass-catcher get a tick up in their fantasy value. Then again, maybe it’s too good to be true.