Kemba Walker
Is it time to officially declare Kemba Walker as washed. Kemba is off to a nightmarish start this season and is putting up putrid numbers. (Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Is Kemba Walker Officially Washed?

Is it officially time to say goodbye to the old Kemba Walker? You know, the same guy who could score in buckets and take anyone off the dribble? Cardiac Kemba has made the All-Star Game in each of the last four years. Now… Kemba looks like he’s closer to going to a retirement home rather than back to the ASG.

Is Kemba Walker officially washed, shot, broken, whatever you want to call it. You can flush the Celtics title hopes down the toilet because Walker looks something like a taller version of the broken down Isaiah Thomas. There is no bigger problem for the C’s than the status of Walker.

The former UConn feels sort of similar to Red Sox great, Dustin Pedroia. Overachiever, small, short compact energy, and worked for everything he has. Maybe Walker isn’t as great Pedroia was for the Sox. However, Walker’s degenerative knees feel like a problem that’s never going to get better.

Sure, maybe 10 games is a small sample size. It’s hard to just ignore his putrid numbers and not become concerned either. Walker, 30, is shooting 34.2% from the floor and 30.6% from deep. That ain’t it, chief.

There is no and, ifs, or buts about it. Kemba at this point is doing more harm than good. Payton Pritchard has been flat out better than him thus far. Pritchard has exceeded expectations and has provided the Celtics a real spark every time he’s on the floor. Kemba has killed his team every minute he’s on the floor.

Boston is a staggering -8 per 100 possessions with Kemba is on the floor. The Celtics are +3.3 when the former Hornets point guard sits. Walker has essentially turned himself into Brad Wanamaker from a year ago. Every Celtics fan’s worst nightmare continues to become true. Just in a reincarnated form.

The most concerning part when you watch Kemba is the burst is gone. He used to be a pick and roll specialist that could score in more ways than one. Now when he gets to the rim his shot gets swallowed while he throws his hands up looking for a foul. The patented step back is a big fat brick.

It’s one thing to rock a Yankees hat as a member of the Celtics. It’s another thing to do it while you suck. Kemba Walker is the biggest problem on the Celtics and they’re stuck with him for another two years after this one. It’s probably time to just wave the white flag and acknowledge the old Kemba is never coming back.