Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker continues to disrespect the city of Boston by showing up in a Yankees hat in every single press conference. (Celtics Press Conference)

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve always been a Kemba Walker fan. Kemba was impossible not to like carrying that UConn team to a national title. Then for years, he balled out in Charlotte but never had the horses with him. When Kemba joined the Celtics, it felt like a hell of a save job after losing Kyrie Irving.

Year one of the Kemba experience was frustrating. Boston lost to a Miami Heat team in the Eastern Conference Finals that wasn’t quite ready for prime time. Kemba was also a shell of himself in the postseason. His knees are clearly going to be a problem over the life of the contract.

It’s been reported that the Celtics starting point guard will miss the start of the 2020-21 season. The Celtics held a presser to talk about Kemba missing the start of the season.

I can’t keep my mouth shut on this topic anymore. I am TIRED of seeing Kemba Walker show up to media events in a Yankees hat. You play for the 17 time champion Boston Celtics. Have some respect for the greatest sports city on the planet.

Jayson Tatum shows up in St. Louis gear all the time because he’s from there. If Tatum wants to show up in a Cardinals hat, no harm, no foul. Time and time again showing up in a Yankees hat in Boston? No, you sir have taken it too far.

It’s blatant disrespect to the entire city. Imagine if Joel Embiid showed up to every presser wearing a New York Mets or Dallas Cowboys hat. Imagine if Lamar Jackson just showed up in a Pittsburgh Penguins hat all the time. People would lose their minds.

This applies to real life. A school teaching isn’t showing up to school with a rival school polo. A guy who works at dominoes doesn’t show up to work rocking Pizza hut gear.

I’m tired of it. Look, maybe you can get away with that if you don’t have bum knees and are fresh off a trip to the Finals. This team underachieved last year and now you’re stabbing fans in the heart saying you’re not ready to play while disrespecting the city. Nope… I will not stand for it.

The Celtics are stuck with Kemba so I can’t really say, hey leave. However, if Danny Ainge trades Kemba, I won’t shed a tear. I’m officially opting out of the Kemba Walker fan club.

Please comment: Fair or Foul? Wearing a rival hat while playing in that city? That’s foul ball all day long and I hope others will jump on this ship.