Hi-C Orange McDonald's
(Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media)

Hi-C Orange is Back at McDonald’s – The People Win!

Hi-C Orange is back at McDonald’s after a change.org petition had a few hundred supporters. McDonald’s posted a tweet with a link to a Google presentation to make the news public.

This product was made by Coca Cola specifically for McDonald’s and was removed from the menu after 60 years for Sprite Tropic Berry.

CNN Business shared some more information about the release:

McDonalds (MCD) has created a special website to track the re-arrival of the beverage. It will be updated on a weekly basis and can be used by entering a zip code. Hi-C will join Fanta Orange in McDonald’s soda fountains. making its “legendary orange drink roster once again complete” the company said.

Fast food chains are constantly competing for customers’ dollars and attention, and specialty offerings and bringing back customer favorites are a way to try and cut through the noise. McDonalds also regularly taps into millenial nostalgia for promotions, as indicative by bringing back Hi-C since it was populars in the 1990’s


To be honest I had no clue this drink was even taken away. I am a Diet Coke kinda guy so the extra sweet orange juice was not up my alley, but good for them I guess.

The social team over at McDonald’s for sure has a sense of humor, tweeting out some presentation with vibrant colors and then a response email from the “VP of Marketing”. The number of retweets and quote tweets that McDonald’s got is shocking considering less than a thousand people signed the petition. The tweet had over twenty-five thousand shares on Twitter.

It will be back in all of their United State restaurants by Summer of 2021, but is being introduced into select locations starting now.

TL//DR: Hi-C Orange is back at McDonald’s