Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal is a savage. Nobody won UFC 239 quite like Masvidal (James Chance/Getty Images)

Boom Roasted… Signed Jorge Masvidal. Ben Askren came into UFC 239 as an undefeated man. He left the Octagon as a broken man on the receiving end the most vicious knockout in UFC history. 5 seconds and goodnight. Bye-bye. In case you missed it, Askren got hit by one of the ugliest knees I’ve ever seen.

This is the risk as a onedimensional fighter. Having a dominant wrestling style is the best possible skill you can have as a fighter. However, you have to have more than just that. Askren started leaning in for the takedown and got a knee right to the face. Askren went to sleep in 5 seconds. That broke the previous record of 14 seconds for fastest knockout ever.

If you weren’t entertained already, Masvidal’s post fight interview was the perfect cherry on top.

“He’s so predictable, man. He’s a scrub,” Masvidal said when asked why he decided to try a flying knee to start. “A part of me wanted to just throw it out there so he knew, if you do shoot [for a takedown], like an idiot, like you only know how to, your head’s going to get clipped, and then I would put the brakes on him and beat him up for 14 minutes and 30 seconds and execute him. Or, you know, he took the bait…. He walked right into it.”

“The referee hadn’t pulled me off, and my job is to hit somebody until the referee pulls me off,” he said. “So to those people, I would say maybe don’t watch MMA, and go back to soccer.”

Two things here. One, Masvidal has every right to talk shit on Askren. All Askren does is talk shit on guys and often times crosses the line. Masvidal knocked him out in 5 seconds. He has every right to celebrate and talk as much as he wants.

The second thing, the reporter who asked Masvidal about laying off Askren is foolish. Unless you competed in wrestling or any sort of fighting, it takes a special kind of person to understand the mindset you need for those sports. It’s kill or be killed. That’s the mindset you need. That fight is not over until the ref jumps in. Any person who truly understands the sport would have done the same thing. Masvidal should and would have kept punching Askren if the ref didn’t stop the fight. Rightfully so.