Julian Edelman
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Whether you like PPR leagues or not, Julian Edelman is still elite in those leagues. Some think PPR is dumb, they might be right, but I still prefer this method, it adds another element to strategy on how you pick your WRs. If you’re playing a PPR league, Julian Edelman will still be elite even without Tom Brady there in New England.

Julian Edelman 2019

Edelman was still awesome despite the lack of other receiving options in New England. Defenses mostly focused on Edelman but he was still able to deliver an impressive season even though the Patriots offense was lackluster. He had 100 receptions on the dot and 1,117 yards receiving. that is already good for 200 points already. He had only 6 TDs though, but as a small guy, that’s decent.

Jarrett Stidman is now running the show in New England unless Brian Hoyer somehow steals the starting spot, which causes some concern for Julian Edelman’s fantasy owners. But that all depends if you believe in Bill Belichick. He’ll feed his best players and there’s no doubt I think that he will set up Edelman for success. Especially because there are no other established WRs on the Patriots, there’s no competition for Edelman for targets.

Final Assessment

This post is for those that like playing in PPR leagues. Julian Edelman is still a top 10 WR option in fantasy in those leagues. If you don’t play PPR, Edelman is going to take a considerable dip in production. I think Edelman will be on the low end of a WR1 or the high end of WR2. The Patriots should be worse this year so they might have to play catch-up in more games and throw the ball. This should only increase Julian Edelman’s target count. However, I think Edelman is still good for another season like his last, 100 receptions and 1,000 yards ish. As for TDs, it is hard to say, I would say around 5. Either way, expect him to be a top 10 WR in PPR leagues.