Jonathan Isaac
John Raoux

It’s crucial to say that Jonathan Isaac has become one of the better defensive players in the NBA. He says that James Harden is the toughest person to guard. James Harden dropped 54 points on the Orlando Magic while also hitting 10 3s.

Magic have faced Harden, LeBron, Giannis, Anthony Davis this week.

Jonathan Isaac (who matched up with Harden, Giannis, James): “I would say (Harden) is the toughest so far, with the way that he’s able to get everybody else involved on top of him having a great shooting night.”

That is impressive to say considering the people up there. Jonathan Isaac has faced 4 of the top 10 players in the NBA, and he says James Harden is the hardest to guard. Although all of these choices are reasonable and respectable options, I can see where people say that James Harden is the hardest. James Harden has been known to try to fish for calls. As well as being a prominent scorer already, it’s not hard to say he’s the hardest to guard. Not only do you have to stop him making shots, but you have to try not to foul while doing it.

James Harden is one of the best scorers we’ve ever seen…and I absolutely hate watching him play. The way he plays is just a mockery of the art of basketball. His 15 iso dribbles to hook someone’s arm or do a traveling step-back is just streetball basketball. He’s the best at it and his fishing for calls usually is what leads to his high point totals. There have been times when he has scored a true 50 points once you take away the Free Throws. But that doesn’t happen very often. Even then, he usually scores a cool 30 before FTs so it’s not like he’s not a tremendous player. He may never win a title with the Rockets. As well as the Harden and Russell Westbrook duo might not work, I cannot take anything away from his talent. I just literally hate how he plays.