Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski sounds like a horrible boss. It’s no wonder why he got fired. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

I’ve said this on numerous occasions. Dave Dombrowski deserved to be fired. He ran the farm system into the ground. He refused to build anything respectable in the bullpen. The moves he made after the world series bordered on lines of insanity. Now we’re starting to learn more and more why Dombrowski was canned.

Joon Lee of ESPN released an article recently about how Chiam Bloom is changing things in Boston. This segment of the article says it all:

“Many around Fenway Park have noticed an immediate cultural change within the baseball ops department with Bloom in charge. While Dombrowski mostly relied on the opinions of veteran executives Tony La Russa and Frank Wren, shutting much of the rest of the department out of the decision-making process, Bloom has sought advice from a much wider circle in seeking creative solutions to the team’s goal to cut payroll and sneak under the $208 million luxury tax threshold. Several Red Sox staffers noted a happier working environment, in which baseball ops people up and down the organization’s ladder feel their opinions are valued, a feeling that slowly evaporated over the course of Dombrowski’s tenure.

“[Bloom] is basically the direct opposite of Dombrowski,” according to one rival front-office executive.”

Dave Dombrowski sounds like a huge ass. It’s not surprising to hear that he only listened to the old heads in the room. The old heads that probably were behind the times. La Russa was responsible for ruining the D-Backs franchise. The front office of any team has so many smart people. Even if they don’t have the best or agree with their opinions, front offices carry so valuable data.

I’m happy to hear Chaim Bloom is bringing a different approach. One that is more of a collective effort. The Sox are on the right path. In Chaim we trust.