Joel Embiid
(Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo via AP)

Joel Embiid says playing FIFA is harder than guarding Anthony Davis. First off I’ve played FIFA and yes it is a hard game when you play good competition. However, is it harder than guarding one of the league’s best big men? No, it’s not. Embiid is the biggest troll of the NBA and maybe if he would just shut his mouth he’d actually make it out of the East for once.

Embiid Is Just a Big Clown.

Anthony Davis just won the Finals in the NBA bubble and was a big reason why the Lakers won the title last season. Although, a lot of these internet clowns including Ebiid will try to diminish the ring with the whole ‘Mikey Mouse Ring’ crap. I’m used to the clowns coming out after one regular-season game. I get it the Lakers just won the Finals they have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Most fanbases wish they could be like the Lakers. However, I’m so sick of Embiid he’s the most annoying superstar in the NBA. I’ve never heard someone talk so much shit and hasn’t won a single thing in the NBA.

Nevertheless, Embiid is always going to a troll and he will always have garbage to say. Shall we roll tape? Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers have been in the title contention discussion for some time now despite never making it past the second round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Davis has won an NBA Championship and was a focal point of the offense during the Lakers title run.

I know Twitter will allow these types of comments to keep up because Twitter loves trolls. As far as I’m concerned Embiid will be just that a big troll that never makes it out of the East. I miss the old NBA when players actually shut their mouths when they couldn’t win in the playoffs.

Embiid should go cry again after getting bounced by the Raptors two years ago. However, I know he won’t stop his nonsense. The Lakers will never play the 76ers in the Finals because that would require Philly to make it out of the East. However, there’s no way that’s happening anytime soon.