Joe Judge's practices
Running laps isn’t going to scare any NFL Player, quit trying(New York Giants)

Co-Host of Speak For Yourself Emmanuel Acho went on the record of saying Joe Judge is “instilling imbecilic practices.” This came as a result of word getting out that players are being made to run for mistakes in Joe Judge’s practices. Emmanuel Acho did not like this approach.

Acho said this on Speak For Yourself:

Giants fans, on behalf of everyone intelligent everywhere, I apologize for your 2-14 record this season. I have to go ahead and apologize, and it’s not your fault Giants fans. It’s not your fault that you have dedicated yourselves to an organization that is hiring a coach that is instilling imbecilic practices. I’m not sure if “imbecilic” is a word but the practices that Joe Judge are instilling are so dumb that imbecilic is the only word Marcelus that will fit. That is the only word that will fit the crime. Bro, you are a profession athlete that means you should be intrinsically motivated. Intrinsically motivated meaning motivation that comes from within. If you’re not intrinsically motivated then you’re motivated extrinsically: Money, fame, females, whatever you want to call it. All of those things work! What doesn’t work is fear based motivation. “Aye. If y’all mess up, y’all finna have to bear crawl. If y’all mess up, y’all running wind sprints.” Those are tactics to use on kids.

Emmanuel Acho is right in every aspect. Professional athletes are motivated in ways other than fear because fear is not effective at the NFL level. Tom Brady has a chip on his shoulder because of being a 6th round pick. I believe that Tom Brady is entering training camp with a new team to prove that he’s responsible for the success of the New England Patriots.

There is no fear of running laps in Joe Judge’s practices. NFL players just don’t get scared from that. I’m sorry Giants fans, this won’t be your year.