Mike Gesicki
If you’re looking for a breakout tight end for fantasy, I’m not sure there is a better flier to take than Mike Gesicki. The formula is there. (Michael Reaves / Getty Images Sport / Getty)

Every single year there is a breakout player at the tight end position. Last year we got two, Mark Andrews and Darren Waller. So who’s that guy going to be this year? It is my belief that Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki has the highest probability to breakout next. If you’re looking for a sleeper at the tight end position, the former Penn State standout is the one to take a flier on.

Tight ends take a while to get going. Rookies rarely come into the league and dominate from day one. What we saw from Gesicki, especially in the second half of the 2019 season is VERY encouraging.

Here are two simple facts.

A: From Week 9 on, Gesicki was tied for the league lead in Red zone targets at the tight end position. Is that sustainable? Why the hell wouldn’t it be? Gesicki checks in at 6-foot-6 and recorded a 41.5 inch vertical at the combine. This is what he should be good at. Gesicki can emerge as a touchdown hog for fantasy.

As Miami’s offense improves, Gesicki’s value goes up. Again, the more chances the Dolphins have to score, the more valuable Gesicki becomes. I think we all expect at minimum for Miami to become more competitive.

B: Gesicki is reliable. We talk about players trying to carve out a role in an offense, a quarterback has to trust them. If the ball gets thrown to Gesicki, he catches it. Mike Gesicki was one of two players with 50 or more targets that did not drop a ball at the position. The other was George Kittle.

So let’s get this straight. 6-foot-6, athletic, and catches everything? Do I really need to say anything else?

Here’s the best part. The targets are going to be there. Miami will throw early and often. Better yet, It’s just DaVante Parker, Preston Williams, and Gesicki. Nobody else is getting a significant target share. Miami didn’t draft a wide receiver. Albert Wilson and Allen Hurns opted out. The entire passing offense runs through those 3.

Once you get past the top 4, the tight end position in a crap shoot. When you’re talking tight end fliers, I’m not sure there is one better to take than Gesicki. The formula is there for a potential breakout campaign.