Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones is set up for fantasy success in 2020. The circumstances for Jones to be a top tier fantasy option is there. (Sarah Stier/Getty)

There’s a difference between NFL success and Fantasy success. Do I believe Daniel Jones will ever turn into an elite level franchise quarterback? God no. I called him average Jones coming out of the draft and I stand by that. However, fantasy football is a different ball game. I love Daniel Jones for fantasy this year. The Giants quarterback is set up for a big fantasy year.

Even in a year where Jameis Winston threw 30 interceptions, nobody had more turnover worthy plays than Daniel Jones. Mostly due to the fact that he was a walking fumble machine. Jones turned the ball over constantly. As far as fantasy is concerned, who cares? Jones can have a Winston type of season for many reasons.

A: The Giants defense is ass. Literally ass. The Giants ranked near the bottom of every statistical category on defense. Daniel Jones will be throwing a lot because the Giants will be trailing a lot. Bad defenses are a recipe for fantasy success when it comes to quarterbacks.

B: Jones can put up numbers. Jones threw 24 touchdowns in 12 starts. Over a 16 game pace, he smashes the rookie record. Again, Jones has to do this and he will pick up a lot of garbage time stats this year. The turnovers are all good if he keeps scoring points.

C: The only thing that actually surprised me with Jones’ play last year was his rushing ability. Did you know Daniel Jones picked up 279 yards and 2 touchdowns last year? Rushing ability from the quarterback play is the hidden cheat code in fantasy. If Jones can rush for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns, that’s such an added bonus that a lot of QB’s aren’t giving you.

D: Jones’ weapons are also better than you may think. Evan Engram is really good, he’s just not always healthy. He’s due for a healthy season. Darius Slayton was awesome as a rookie and should take a step forward. Sterling Sheppard and Golden Tate are at least capable. It’s not like Jones has nothing. His offensive line should be better as well.

I like Daniel Jones a lot this year in fantasy. Would he be my pick to take over a franchise? Hell no. For fantasy? I’ll buy that stock all day.