Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco has been unwilling to help younger quarterbacks in the past. He’s changing his tune when it comes to helping out Sam Darnold. (Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press)

Joe Flacco has been unwilling to be a mentor in the past. He wouldn’t talk to Lamar Jackson in Baltimore and flat out refused to help Drew Lock in Denver. It sounds like Flacco is changing his tune when it comes Sam Darnold. Flacco is willing to help Darnold with whatever he needs.

“I want to first and foremost help the team in any way possible, but also be a guy that Sam can lean on and that [he] can learn from,” Flacco said, via Newsday. “Those are the two most important things: Help out the guys on the team and help out Sam to do all they can.”

Talk about growth. I never thought Flacco would ever say something along those lines. At least based on what happened in the past. It’s probably clear that Joe Douglas had a talk with Flacco and flat out said you’re only coming here if you will play ball with Sam Darnold.

The Jets were horrendous without Darnold last year. Trevor Siemian and Luke Falk looked like backups at the XFL. Flacco represents an upgrade over those two if he ever sees the field. However, he’s already said he won’t be ready for Week 1 of the season recovering from a neck procedure.

It’s an interesting move considering New York also drafted James Morgan in the 4th round out of Florida International. It looks like the Jets plan to carry 3 quarterbacks this year. Not a bad idea considering Darnold had mono last year. The Jets are at least more stable at the backup spot in 2020 compared to 2019. The rest of the roster still stinks but I guess the Jets are slightly moving up in the world.