Jerome Robinson
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Let’s not kid ourselves, the Wizards had a minuscule chance to make the playoffs in the first place. Now with John Wall still not sure about coming back even after injury and Davis Bertans opting out Orlando’s season restart, the Wizards chance is even smaller than that. They’re hoping to bring back Davis Bertans though. However, by God, they have a chance. This post is only fair. I have already written off the Wizards for making the playoffs. If they want to make the playoffs, Jerome Robinson will have to play out of his mind. He is now the starter for the Wizards with Bertans out. Usually, I try to stay away from starters because of course, the starters need to play well. But, he was part of the second squad, now he is a starter. Plus, not many people have heard of him.

Jerome Robinson Stats

In about 21 minutes per game, Jerome Robinson’s stats are….not great. He averages 6.1 PPG on 36.3% shooting, 1.5 APG, and 3.5 RPG. For 21 minutes, he’s doing a lot more running than he is contributing. With Bertans out, Jerome Robinson has a chance to step in and play significant minutes. It will depend on him if the Wizards will have a chance. Bradley Beal will do his best, Rui Hachimura is a great rookie, but outside of that, the talent is bleak. They need someone rise to the challenge of being that 3rd contributor. They have many players that contribute just slightly.

As mentioned, I am not confident in the Wizards to have any chance to make the playoffs. But if I write a X-Factor about the rest of the 21 teams, I have to do it for the Wizards too. All the Wizards will be good for is stealing maybe a few crucial games away from great teams in seeding situations. Other than that, they’re just meh. Jerome Robinson is going to be their X factor if the Wizards can win any of those upset games.